Exactly, what is the best twitter app? Hard question and I guess it comes only to your own personal preference. However I do have a list with my favorite iPhone twitter apps that I can share with you :P.

Whenever there is new app I must download and try it out, but at the end of the day I only use a bunch of them, the rest I delete from my phone. This means that in time I get the best of the best, handpicked apps.

First Twitter app I installed was Twitter for iPhone, the official twitter app and it was very good. After that I managed to add 4 great ones on the list.

Honestly I think this list won’t change much over time.

Best Twitter Apps

Twitter for iPhone

Twitter for iPhone

free app
by By Twitter, Inc.
139402 Ratings
Twitter screenshot 1 Twitter screenshot 2 Twitter screenshot 3 Twitter screenshot 4 Twitter screenshot 5

Follow your interests: instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and whats happening around the world. Get short bursts of timely information on the official Twitter app for iPhone.

Real-time search reveals breaking news, while trending topics and maps show whats happening now around the world. View trends, browse your interests and see suggested users in several categories, including fashion, entertainment and travel, or search to find out what people are saying about topics you care about, such as politics or big sporting events.

Features: Browse interests, Find & follow friends, Tweet, Retweet, Favorite, Direct Message privately with your followers, share photos, videos and web pages, real-time search, view maps, trends, and follow.

Twitter reviews

: (see more reviews)
Pure 100% garbage (by DizzG)
Update: with each update features are removed. Now can’t retweet from a private account. Hands down the people developing this app must be clueless. Before this app was bought by twitter it was the best. Now it’s the worst
Why in the world would you remove the URL shortener? Twitter.com has it as just about every other app on the planet. Is this some sort of joke?
Another crappy update! (by LONEWOLF75)
Well we get another update which is twitters MO, crappy! I mean come on twitter your app is one of the worst apps for twitter, very bland and basic…….y’all wine and cry about there being too many twitter apps out there, did you ever think it’s probably because your app is crap!! I don’t use any of your apps for iphone, ipad or Mac but I keep them around hoping you will surprise me one day with an update which has readability mobilizer, different themes instead of just white(get a carbon dark theme), and it syncs between all platforms! If you get those three things I would be happy to delete all of my other twitter apps, but I think it will never happen! Until then I will keep using the other apps that I actually like, because they have a whole lot more features and add new stuff instead of taking things away like y’all do!
TweetDeck for iPhone

TweetDeck for iPhone

free app
by By TweetDeck, Inc
493 Ratings
TweetDeck screenshot 1 TweetDeck screenshot 2 TweetDeck screenshot 3 TweetDeck screenshot 4 TweetDeck screenshot 5

TweetDeck allows you to monitor, manage and engage in your social world by bringing together your Twitter and Facebook feeds in a powerful and flexible column-based dashboard.

This is a brand new version of iPhone TweetDeck rebuilt from the ground up to be fast, flexible and full-on powerful. For more information see www.tweetdeck.com/iphone. For help and support, follow @iOSDeck on Twitter.

All major Twitter features are supported: Sending updates, retweeting (native and old-style), favourites, mentions, direct messages and searching
Posting to multiple Twitter accounts is a breeze
Facebook status updates, notifications, wall posts, Likes and comments are all at your fingertips
Configurable, combined Home, Me and Inbox columns are standard, bringing all your feeds and notifications together
Fully flexible custom columns allow the combination of any number of different feeds, from all services and all accounts. You decide what you want to see, just pinch a column and start configuring.
Innovative navigation of Twitter profiles helps you discover new feeds that can all be added as columns at the touch of a button
See the conversation in context with tweets above and below in detail view.
Easily send long posts thanks to full Deck.ly support
Clean & clear compose window features image uploading, geo-tagging and username autocomplete for @mentions. Press and hold a link to auto-shorten using j.mp
Login with your TweetDeck account to speed through the setup process, or just provide a Twitter or Facebook account and get started.
Jump to the top of a column with a quick tap of the iPhone status bar.

TweetDeck reviews

: (see more reviews)
Best twitter app (by Bryant Collazo)
An amazing twitter app. It does crash often but always saves your position so I can forgive it. I would give it a 5 if they fix that and finally release the iPad version.
Always crashes (by Cf2301)
This app always crashes. I can’t get it past the load screen.
HootSuite for Twitter for iPhone

HootSuite for Twitter for iPhone

free app
by By Hootsuite Media Inc.
7600 Ratings
HootSuite for Twitter screenshot 1 HootSuite for Twitter screenshot 2 HootSuite for Twitter screenshot 3 HootSuite for Twitter screenshot 4 HootSuite for Twitter screenshot 5

~~~ HootSuite: now for iPad! ~~~
Compose and Converse on the Go. HootSuite for iOS is the perfect social media tool for Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.

Join the conversation from anywhere with HootSuite for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Simple, elegant and powerful, HootSuite allows you to send and schedule Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare updates, track click stats, and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags, and lists.

HootSuite is international-ready with translation to/from over 50 languages, plus the the interface is localized in 6 languages (Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, and Korean) with more to come.

HootSuite iOS is completely FREE and is tightly integrated with the web version, allowing quick account importing and syncing with a helpful wizard.

Get your fingers on this wise Owl to:

Spread Messages

- Manage your Twitter accounts
- Update Facebook Profile and Fan Pages
- Checkin to Foursquare Locations and share your position
- Comment on posts in Facebook News Feed
- Translate messages for Facebook and Twitter
- Save a draft message to finish later
- Schedule updates for future sending
- Forward messages via email
- Reply to all recipients at once

Monitor Conversations

- Translate Twitter messages from 50+ languages
- See conversation history for context
- Create custom views for keyword monitoring
- Set-up real-time Twitter searches
- Browse and understand trending topics

Track Results

- Examine message click statistics by date (Full only)
- See which countries are clicking on your links
- Shorten URLs with Ow.ly for stats
- Track user ratings for links (via Ow.ly and Ht.ly)

Make Friends
- Add followers to Twitter lists and accounts
- Learn about your followers with profile view
- View who you follow and how is following you
- Create and edit Twitter lists
- Subscribe to lists
- Find where your friends are on Foursquare

Increase Happiness

- Understand interactions with 6 language localizations
- Share and store photos and files including stats
- Keep your place in the stream when exiting app
- Save links to read later via Instapaper
- Open pages with Safari for easy reading
- Compose Twitter messages in landscape mode
- Add geo-location coordinates to messages
- “Bump” to quickly add followers

Already using HootSuite for iPhone or iPad? Great! Consider adding a review at the iTunes App store (http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hootsuite-media-inc/id341249712). Stay up to date at the HootSuite blog: http://blog.hootsuite.com and via Twitter @hootsuiteiphone


iPhone and, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

“Bump” is of Bump Technologies, Inc. http://bu.mp/.

HootSuite for Twitter reviews

: (see more reviews)
Big fan of Hootsuite, but… (by Ben Bryan)
it needs to add support for other photo upload services (twitpic, yfrog, etc.). Otherwise I have no complaints about it, one of the best all around social networking apps.
It’s legit (by goalmagician)
It’s a cool twitter app
Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client for iPhone

Twittelator Pro – Twitter Client for iPhone

by By Big Stone Phone
5729 Ratings
Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client screenshot 1 Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client screenshot 2 Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client screenshot 3 Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client screenshot 4 Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client screenshot 5

Twittelator Pro is the ultimate Twitter client with every feature you need. The elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly. Feel the pulse of the Twittersphere!

Just a few features of the over 200 features:

Post to Facebook wall
Create and tweet audio clips and hi-rez photos
Video: record, edit and tweet video
Unlimited drafts and offline tweeting
Create lists of friends
See anyone’s lists and join them
Post map of your location
Find tweets nearby anywhere
Handles multiple Twitter accounts
Tweet playing song
Create your own themes or use 4500 shared themes
Built-in browser to view links, movies, audio
Get details, follow or block any user
Advanced searching (save them too)
Email, ReTweet, and copy tweets
Translate tweets
Trending Topics

One of the hottest apps of 2009, 2010, & 2011 Twittelator Pro is THE twitter client for serious twitterers!

Twittelator Pro – Twitter Client reviews

: (see more reviews)
Push notification (by Jiggz K.N.E)
This app would be great if they added push notification. Ive waited long enough!! Developer, get it together!!
Good (by Lucas Heppner)
Great twitter app
Echofon for Twitter for iPhone

Echofon for Twitter for iPhone

free app
by By naan studio, Inc.
224860 Ratings
Echofon for Twitter screenshot 1 Echofon for Twitter screenshot 2 Echofon for Twitter screenshot 3 Echofon for Twitter screenshot 4 Echofon for Twitter screenshot 5

Now a universal app, works on iPad and iPhone!

Echofon is an easy to use, super-fast Twitter app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

- Inline photo and video preview makes browsing media super simple.

- Use the new mute feature to squelch users, clients and hashtags.

- Receive instant push notifications when you are sent a direct message, @mention, reply, have a tweet favorited or are followed by someone. You can use Echofon as a free SMS replacement!

- When using your iPad on a WiFi connection, new tweets and direct messages show up instantly, without the need to refresh (thanks to the User Streams API). It’s amazingly fast!

Echofon makes it easy to do common Twitter tasks such as viewing your timeline, messages, replies, lists and favorites. Echofon has a powerful tweet-authoring where you can write tweets, take photos/videos and update your current location.

Echofon for Twitter reviews

: (see more reviews)
Love the app, (by Django Audio)
Its great, but it keeps on crashing everytime I go into searching nearby tweets. I have it up to date and all, and it’s crashed about six or seven times.
On point… (by kimpinaintez)
the devs of this app always listen to the needs of its users. whenever there is a problem they are always working on a fix. been using this app for a couple years now and it’s the best twitter app out there!!