Are you a mom? Do you have an iPhone? Awesome, here are some interesting apps for you.
Does you mom have an iPhone / iTouch? Cool, then you can suggest some cool apps for her ;).

Beware this is not an exclusive list, and I only intend to give you some ideas about what would be suitable for a mom. I bet there are many more apps for moms out there, but this app list can give you a hint for what to look for.

All the apps are cool and nice and I do hope you will find them useful.

iPhone applications for moms

Silent Bodyguard - Your Personal Panic Button for iPhone

Silent Bodyguard – Your Personal Panic Button for iPhone

by By Fun At Work
265 Ratings
Silent Bodyguard - Your Personal Panic Button screenshot 1 Silent Bodyguard - Your Personal Panic Button screenshot 2 Silent Bodyguard - Your Personal Panic Button screenshot 3 Silent Bodyguard - Your Personal Panic Button screenshot 4 Silent Bodyguard - Your Personal Panic Button screenshot 5

This app’s standard alert features come FREE and can be upgraded for just a one-time nominal charge. COMPARE that to MONTHLY subscription fees for competing products!

We use our own servers for the SMS Texting so that anyone in the world can use and can receive your alerts, no matter where you are, or if you are on WiFi or Cell Networks. Since these messages go through our server, we charge one flat upgrade fee (one-time) if you’d like to activate this service.

Released for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

HOW DOES IT WORK? It sends an SOS distress signal with GPS coordinates to immediately reach potential rescuers who the phone owner has pre-programmed into the mobile phone without alerting any onlookers.

Silent Bodyguard – Your Personal Panic Button reviews

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My mom’s set as my emergency contact, and she likes to know that I can signal her if i feel unsafe. This is great.
Concerned Mom (by MommyMom)
This app is fantastic! The set-up is easy and it provides real peace of mind. I know that I and my loved ones can reach out to me and to friends in an emergency. Now I have a link to them if they are frightened or in distress. It is such a relief to have this app on my iPhone. Also good that it works on iPod touches–so kids can use it–if they don’t want babysitter to know they are scared or if something bad happens.
Baby Activity Logger for iPhone

Baby Activity Logger for iPhone

by By Nerdtown, LLC
782 Ratings
Baby Activity Logger screenshot 1 Baby Activity Logger screenshot 2 Baby Activity Logger screenshot 3 Baby Activity Logger screenshot 4 Baby Activity Logger screenshot 5

Baby Activity Logger allows you to quickly and easily track all your babys activities, through an easy to use, intuitive interface. Each activity in 2 taps or less! You can see how much time your baby is eating from each breast or bottle, the total amount of time she has spent in one day eating, the average time she spends per feeding session, how many ounces she is eating, and how often she is eating! You can even see the average time interval between feeding sessions, as well as sleeping sessions! What was your baby’s longest sleeping session? This information is all available on the Totals tab!

Current Features :
+ Diary!
+ Sleep trending chart: Day by day comparison
+ Synchronize data between devices over Bluetooth! See the combined data in the today view! Note: Bluetooth peer-to-peer connectivity is not available on the original iPhone or iPod touch (1st generation).
+ Graphical charts on baby’s activities (including synchronized data)!
+ Simplified In-app email with CSV attachments! Send 1 or 7 days!
+ Track dry diapers!
+ Track solids!
+ Add Manual Entry, finish it on the Log view!
+ Edit/Save in-progress activities!
+ Track and Add notes to ANY activity!

Baby Activity Logger reviews

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Mom Maps for iPhone

Mom Maps for iPhone

free app
by By New Media Parents, Inc.
466 Ratings
Mom Maps screenshot 1 Mom Maps screenshot 2 Mom Maps screenshot 3 Mom Maps screenshot 4

Mom Maps helps you find fun, kid-friendly locations on the go! ** As seen in the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Tech Crunch, Babble and more!

Looking for a great play date place? Need to find some indoor fun on a rainy day or somewhere to get the wiggles out when you’re on the road? Mom Maps lets you tap the collective wisdom of parents everywhere to find kid-friendly fun when you need it. Search our extensive list of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas, as well as reviews by parents, for parents. We also partner with top parent bloggers and family travel experts to bring you their top kid-friendly picks.

Mom Maps reviews

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Good stuff! (by Sminsf)
This app is great, I have been using it a lot now that the whole world is new after having a kid. I need all the spots I can get since bars are now out:) the new versions keep getting better too.
No entries for the Houston area (by Bubbag02)
No entries for the Houston area yet. Unfortunate.
How to Cook Everything for iPhone

How to Cook Everything for iPhone

by By Culinate, Inc.
2382 Ratings
How to Cook Everything screenshot 1 How to Cook Everything screenshot 2 How to Cook Everything screenshot 3 How to Cook Everything screenshot 4 How to Cook Everything screenshot 5

JFrom this award-winning book: Mark Bittmans 2,000 recipes and recipe variations as well as his no-nonsense cooking guidance, including hundreds of how-to illustrations; equipment, technique, and ingredient information; and meal-planning ideas

Easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, as well as the ability to browse recipes and reference information

Handy built-in timers, placed throughout the recipe steps

Well-organized shopping lists that make it easy to buy ingredients and whatever other groceries you need at home

Convenient printing of recipes and shopping lists from devices running iOS 4.2

Cooking inspiration: Bittmans Picks, Featured Recipe, Quick Dinners, and Favorites, which provide quick access to selected recipes

All recipe and reference content is embedded in the app, which means that you can use the app even if you don’t have a network connection

How to Cook Everything reviews

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Elegant!! (by Chuck 77)
Great recipes, clever use of IPhone capabilities, keeps getting better. I use it everyday. Get it!!
As good as the book! (by Rhea Dickman)
Mark Bittman makes cooking accessible for everyone. His recipes are easy to follow and easy to adjust if you want to try you hand at creating something more. I have his books and the app is even better! I love the ease of looking at recipes and adding ingredients to my shopping list. You will not regret the purchase of either of his apps.
Grocery Gadget - Shopping List for iPhone

Grocery Gadget – Shopping List for iPhone

by By Flixoft, Inc
4878 Ratings
Grocery Gadget - Shopping List screenshot 1 Grocery Gadget - Shopping List screenshot 2 Grocery Gadget - Shopping List screenshot 3 Grocery Gadget - Shopping List screenshot 4 Grocery Gadget - Shopping List screenshot 5

Grocery Gadget The Ultimate Shopping System!
Save time and money. Be organized at home and efficient at the supermarket. Stop rebuilding shopping lists just reuse them. Stop calling your spouse – share via sync.

Arrange products like your pantry, refrigerator, laundry room
Dont type scan barcodes(3GS or later phones), or use built-in list of frequent items
App automatically learns item order as you shop. Or, arrange aisles manually.
Sync shopping lists with spouse, attack supermarket 2x as fast! Push Notification
Sync supports iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, more to come
Picture is worth a 1000 words: Never bring home the wrong product
eCoupons Match coupons to shopping items to save money
FREE online portal for faster input: GroceryGadgets.com
FREE cloud backup while signed into a group account
Import data from other apps, recipes, csv files: GroceryGadgets.com
Multiple Shopping Lists, arrange different projects
Multiple Stores Create lists across multiple stores
Color Pricing Compare item prices across stores
History Shopping Analysis (at GroceryGadgets.com)

Grocery Gadget – Shopping List reviews

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GREAT APP!!! Shopping Made EASY :)) (by sbhemphill)
Been using this app for over a year now on my IPhone. Don’t write any more lists. Every time I think of an item, it goes right into this app. The app allows you to make your own categories so I now can send my husband and kids to the store and my list is by aisle. Just print it out and it’s done. Thanks for making shopping a much more pleasurable experience :))
A must buy (by Margo McDermott)
I LOVE this app. My husband and I can add to the list from anywhere. It also scans the item. I can create store types (e.g. Sam’s club). You do have to put in the brand sometimes, and add the stores where you can buy the item. It needs more coupon offers, but they are working on it I am sure. I can take a picture of the item I need and that way my husband knows he is buying the right thing. You can scan or create items. I have added brands, stores, and my own items manually as well. This is the best app for communication. Also, I have a store category of Walgreens/ vitamin shoppe where I can show my doctor the list of med’s and vitamins I take all in one glance. The main thing is you have to be in prepare mode to add all the items. Then shop mode can be for all stores (in case the item is found in more than one location) or just for the specific store you are in. If you take some time to learn the app, it is the greatest app! Just make sure you don’t x the item, just check it and say "shopping done" and it will stay on your prepare list. My husband was confused by that at first.

Have fun!!! Worth every cent!!!!!