Are you planning a vacation in Holland, visiting Amsterdam seeing the windmills and admiring the tulips? Well, before you leave make sure you install these apps on your iPhone. I suggest you to get 2 apps for traveling tips and ToDo ideas, 3 local apps for weather, local transport and shopping and one for “saving the data”.

While the first, second and last apps you can use whenever you travel abroad, the other apps are really local and will help you get around faster easier and dry (Muy importante).

The local apps might dutch only but they are pretty intuitive and it’s easy to understand what is that you need to do. I really hope you will like my list of best iPhone apps for traveling in Netherlands :D.

Best iPhone apps for visiting the Netherlads

Lonely Planet Travel Guides for iPhone

Lonely Planet Travel Guides for iPhone

free app
by By Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd
4337 Ratings
Lonely Planet Travel Guides screenshot 1 Lonely Planet Travel Guides screenshot 2 Lonely Planet Travel Guides screenshot 3 Lonely Planet Travel Guides screenshot 4 Lonely Planet Travel Guides screenshot 5

“Lonely Planet guidebooks are, quite simply, like no others.”– New York Times

*easy to use – swipe to scroll through a full table of contents, dip into sections, and turn pages with a flick of your finger
offline maps theres no need to go online to access our detailed street maps, fully retooled for the iPhone with location awareness, multi-touch controls, full-colour styling and six-level zoom
tons to see and do choose how to search through hundreds of geo-coded points-of-interest (POIs) by proximity, category, preferences or favourites then just tap to visit the website, or place a direct call
text search whether youre into live music’ or fine dining, every article and POI in your guidebook is text-searchable
location-based navigation plot your location in real time on our interactive maps, exploring back streets and hidden treasures with no danger of losing your way
worth a thousand words if you need some inspiration, just thumb through images taken by our award-winning photographers
personalisation tailor your City Guide to your tastes by tagging the best POIs as favorites
money saving forget roaming costs: our apps are designed for offline use, and only take up the room of an average album on your iPhone/iPod

Note: This application is currently only able to purchase and store version 1.x of our City Guides . These guides still provide great Lonely Planet content, just with an older interface.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides reviews

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Lonely planet losing touch – DO NOT BUY (by Emilio A Lozada Hernandez)

I downloaded the Lonely Planet app, and decided to purchase the Istanbul guide. Bad move. On both counts.

The Lonely Planet app is poorly written, with impossible to delete content (let me archive it on my desktop and keep it off my handheld if I don’t need it!!!), but that could be forgiven for a fantastic guide. Alas, that is not the case.

The Istanbul guide is a lousy dump of the paper guide onto an ‘electronic’ format. Think of digital maps before google and mapquest. Zero interactivity, horrific navigation, missing landmarks, hotels, restaurants, etc. The ‘city map’ is offered as a street map that works with GPS. With my iPhone 3GS, I couldn’t get a GPS lock 80% of the time, in open areas. Forget about trying to determine whether your cabbie is ripping you off or kidnapping you. The map is useless in a car (even when held under the windowpane).

We ended up using my wife’s paper book guide (D&K) who was more than happy to rub my ‘modern digital guide’ in my face.

Not impressed (by Eplekake1)
Got the Shanghai guide, not very impressed. Outdated, low quality map, too little info generally. Happy to have an offline map, but thats about it.
TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants for iPhone

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants for iPhone

free app
by By TripAdvisor LLC
13995 Ratings
TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants screenshot 1 TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants screenshot 2 TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants screenshot 3 TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants screenshot 4 TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants screenshot 5

TripAdvisor is FREE and easy to use:
- Browse millions of reviews, opinions, and photos of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, then write or upload your own
- Find cheap flights all over the world
- Use the Near Me Now tool to discover options near you or any address you enter
- Virtual tour: see a street-level view of your destination, plus nearby hotels, restaurants, and more
-Live view: Look around with your devices camera to see an enhanced view of nearby places
- My Saves: save hotel, restaurant, and attraction pages so you can find them again easily

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants reviews

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Not bad but room for improvement (by JayaT)
Using this app on an iPad. Some ideas to make this app better:
1. When launching, I want the app to remember and land on the last search or thing I was viewing rather than default to my current location. Or it should at least ask me if I want to default to current location or last search. I know I can turn location services off, but still…I should have a choice when launching the app.
2. Ability within app to launch email and email a location or trip list to a friend. Or some way of sharing your "my saves" with a friend….
3. Within "my saves" I want the ability to organize my favorite destinations in folders and subfolders similar to how I might organize bookmarks in a browser.
4. Ability to create an itinerary / schedule for each day of my trip and export to my calendar app on my device.
On the plus side, I did like the ability to link to Orbitz, Expedia or hotels.com to look at packages and then return back to the place I was viewing before.
Good but no login provision (by Kprayala)
App is very good and handy. But it’s frustrating to search my active discussions everytime. Given a login option, this would have become easy.
Buienradar.nl for iPhone

Buienradar.nl for iPhone

by van Buienradar B.V.
9292ov Pro for iPhone

9292ov Pro for iPhone

free app
by By Xwits
112 Ratings
9292ov Pro screenshot 1 9292ov Pro screenshot 2 9292ov Pro screenshot 3 9292ov Pro screenshot 4 9292ov Pro screenshot 5

One application for all public transport in the Netherlands
9292ovPro makes it easy to plan your journey with public transport from and to all over 54,000 train, bus, tram, metro and ferry stops in the Netherlands. 9292 has access to the timetables of all 52 public transport companies; including maps, prices and disturbances.

With this application you can also check the next departures from any time and location chosen by you. Where the information about delays, cancelled trips and/or platform changes is available, you will get updated real-time information. These updates will be shown in red.

Public Transport companys in the Netherlands are: NS, Connexxion, Syntus, Veolia, Arriva, Breng, Qbuzz, Waterbus, RET, HTM, GVB, GVU en TCR.

9292ov Pro reviews

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Just awesome (by Marinus Snyman)
Just awesome!!!
Appie for iPhone

Appie for iPhone

by van IceMobile

Appie reviews

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Onavo - save data, stretch your data plan when roaming and at home for iPhone

Onavo – save data, stretch your data plan when roaming and at home for iPhone

free app
by By Onavo Mobile Ltd.
687 Ratings
Onavo - save data, stretch your data plan when roaming and at home screenshot 1 Onavo - save data, stretch your data plan when roaming and at home screenshot 2 Onavo - save data, stretch your data plan when roaming and at home screenshot 3

“Onavo is a Money-Saving, Must-Have App for EVERY iPhone Data User” – TechCrunch.com US users: We currently support AT&T only. Support for Verizon subscribers is underway. Sorry.
Onavos app connects your iPhone to our cloud-based technology, dubbed the magical shrinking machine. Its totally seamless once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before. In the background, your data usage from all apps is compressed so that you get more bang for your buck, doubling and even tripling your data plan.

While Onavo is optimized for travellers and so produces its best results for those apps which you use abroad, it can definitely help you squeeze more out of your data plan at home, and maybe even switch to a cheaper one.

You can control the balance between image quality and savings via the app’s settings screen.

Onavo – save data, stretch your data plan when roaming and at home reviews

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$ Saver (by Zipping)
I’ve saved enough data to not go over my limit thus saving me big $
Highly recommend it!
Love this app (by Joshua Meador)
Has saved me a ton!