Free is always appreciated :D.

Whenever I am bored and looking for a new free game for my iPhone I start browsing the App Store. Most of the times i stumble upon cool apps that are never promoted anywhere. Because of that I always dedicate a blog post to cool apps like these.

I like a lot playing Arcade games and probably next to racing are my favorite games. These games are compatible also with i touch devices so you can install them on your iPod touch.

So what are the best iPhone apps I discovered today? ….

Top 5 Free iPhone Aracade Games

A Space Shooter for iPhone

A Space Shooter for iPhone

free app
by By Frima
A Space Shooter screenshot 1 A Space Shooter screenshot 2 A Space Shooter screenshot 3 A Space Shooter screenshot 4 A Space Shooter screenshot 5

You are Commander P. Jefferson, a bloodthirsty pilot who hates aliens with a vengeance. With five upgrades for your main cannon, five new weapons obtained from alien generals, ten different power-ups and over thirty upgrades for your ship, you have everything you need, and more, to exterminate these aliens and their tyrannical overlord.

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A Zombie Jink FREE for iPhone

A Zombie Jink FREE for iPhone

free app
by By Aurus Group Pty Ltd
A Zombie Jink FREE screenshot 1 A Zombie Jink FREE screenshot 2 A Zombie Jink FREE screenshot 3 A Zombie Jink FREE screenshot 4 A Zombie Jink FREE screenshot 5


Have you ever dreamed about a game requiring only one touch to smash zombies? One touch to play, one touch to master, one touch to smash tons of marbles and even saw up zombies… Meet the game from your dreams! Everything in this game obeys your fingers.
Touch the screen to start and lift your finger only when you finish.

Key features:

- Draw beautiful pathways with your finger to smash tons of colourful marbles into splinters

- Saw up the annoying zombie and have a laugh about zombie’s jumps

- Find special tools and combo-points

- Enjoy your invincibility during first two levels and train your skills

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Bug Wings Lite for iPhone

Bug Wings Lite for iPhone

free app
by By DR Studios
Bug Wings Lite screenshot 1 Bug Wings Lite screenshot 2 Bug Wings Lite screenshot 3 Bug Wings Lite screenshot 4

Take to the skies above the Great Pond and glide your bug to victory in this action packed arcade adventure. Help our Bug friends find the missing pollen and land safely on the flowers and lily pads, while avoiding the wet stuff. Score big points by collecting as much pollen as you can while aiming for the stars in order to multiply your landing tally.

Unlock new levels and bonuses as you progress and then return to previous levels to try and beat your high scores. Bug Wings is a game that can be played again and again…

6 exciting levels across a unique Pond
Solo mode for 1 player
Simple, intuitive touch & tilt game controls
Addictively fun game play and scoring
Rich, colourful game world
Risky flying rewarded with high scores

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Bumpin for iPhone

Bumpin for iPhone

free app
by By DataPlayed
Bumpin screenshot 1 Bumpin screenshot 2 Bumpin screenshot 3 Bumpin screenshot 4

Bumpin’ is a game that speaks for itself. Draw the pegs on the screen and bump the ball into the hole. The longer you bump against bumpers and pegs, the more gems you score. Avoid the hazards and the edges of the screen or be destroyed!

It’s like plinko, but you control the pegs!

- 4 Modes of Play!
- 30 Level Challenge!
- OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements!
- Collect Priceless Gems!
- Make Zepplins Burst into Flame!
- Meditative Sound FX!

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Carmella: Lite for iPhone

Carmella: Lite for iPhone

free app
Carmella: Lite screenshot 1 Carmella: Lite screenshot 2 Carmella: Lite screenshot 3 Carmella: Lite screenshot 4 Carmella: Lite screenshot 5

Carmella is the story of a flying squirrel, that leaps from branch to branch seeking fruits and golden nuts for her survival. While the fruits let her live through the day, the golden nuts act as cache food that let her go on longer and play more fun levels. But not everything is peach and roses, as Carmella must thwart various obstacles, including a mysterious group of nagging Snakes and Crows.


* A cutesy puzzle-platformer with motion-tilt controls for gliding.
* Beautiful 2D hand-drawn graphics and cut-scenes.
* Play through 20 challenging stages (divided in to two Levels), more on the paid version

Available on iPad as well!

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