As you already know, it’s time for the weekly “What are the best iPhone apps” blog post. Curious what’s on the list this week… me 2 :P. Well, I already know :D.

In case you missed these apps in the app store here is you chance to read a bit more about them and who knows, if you like them download.

New iPhone Apps this week

Cut the Rope: Experiments for iPhone

Cut the Rope: Experiments for iPhone

by By ZeptoLab UK Limited
3470 Ratings
Cut the Rope: Experiments screenshot 1 Cut the Rope: Experiments screenshot 2 Cut the Rope: Experiments screenshot 3 Cut the Rope: Experiments screenshot 4 Cut the Rope: Experiments screenshot 5

What on earth is Om Nom?! Thats what millions of fans of the widely acclaimed game, Cut the Rope, have been asking about the cute little monster who eats candy like its his job!
That same question has a mad (but not bad) scientist studying the little creature that mysteriously arrived outside his house. Intrigued by Om Noms insatiable appetite for sweets, the Professor puts him through a series of experiments in this all-new game, a follow-up to one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store.

Cut the Rope: Experiments combines the same rope-cutting and monster-feeding action that millions of people around the globe have come to love, with new features and gameplay elements including Rope Shooters and Suction-cups. Can you help the Professor and Om Nom get through these wacky experiments?
- 75 new experiments (levels) across 3 colorful new settings, with more to come!
- 3 level packs: Getting Started, Shooting the Candy, Sticky Steps
- New musical tracks, sounds and Om Nom animations

Cut the Rope: Experiments reviews

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My favorite game just got better! (by Emmanuel Nunez)
I started playing Cut the Rope, the original version, when they only four boxes. As soon as I started playing the game, I fell in love with it. A friend of mine, oddly enough, loved it, too, and when they would release an update with a whole new box of 25 levels, we would race to see who could finish first. As a proud winner, I have been a loyal fan of Cut the Rope for quite some time. This game deserves nothing less than five stars and is definitely worth $0.99! Entertaining and beautiful!
Great!! (by Joaquin Arana)
The best game in the app store so far
Tap Tap Glee for iPhone

Tap Tap Glee for iPhone

free app
by By Tapulous, Inc.
1123 Ratings
Tap Tap Glee screenshot 1 Tap Tap Glee screenshot 2 Tap Tap Glee screenshot 3 Tap Tap Glee screenshot 4

Brought to you from the makers of the hit music game series, Tap Tap Revenge, in Tap Tap Glee enjoy:

– Over 50 tracks available including 5 FREE tracks: “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “My Cup,” “Hell To The No,” “Baby,” and “Alone”

– Promo Track of the Day: Tap to a NEW promo track every day!

– Connect to Facebook and represent as a GLEEK or JOCK.

– Slushy your friends on their Facebook wall.

– Check out info on your favorite Glee characters in the Yearbook section.

– Try your hand at Glee Trivia for a chance to top the GleeK of the Week leaderboard.

– Additional tracks for purchase include “Bad Romance,” “Poker Face,” “Teenage Dream,” “Baby One More Time,” “Marry You,” “Just The Way You Are,” and “Baby!”

Download Tap Tap Glee NOW and get your GleeK on!

Glee The 3D Concert Movie in Theatres August 12

Tap Tap Glee reviews

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Major bummer (by Gvft)
An app shouldn’t be advertised as free if you have to buy the songs once you get into the game. Very disappointing.
taptap YESS!!! (by Muffingirl_Marie)
FINALLY! been waiting on this forevs. a lot of stuff to pay for, but at least app is free and you get a new free song every day!!!
Garmin U.S.A. for iPhone

Garmin U.S.A. for iPhone

by By Garmin
44 Ratings
Garmin U.S.A. screenshot 1 Garmin U.S.A. screenshot 2 Garmin U.S.A. screenshot 3 Garmin U.S.A. screenshot 4 Garmin U.S.A. screenshot 5

Download Garmin StreetPilot Onboard U.S.A. and give your iPhone the best in GPS navigation…even when you dont have cell coverage. Maps reside on your device, so you can look up addresses and millions of points-of-interest such as gas stations, restaurants and ATMs without needing wireless coverage. Its as close to having a Garmin nvi personal navigator as an iPhone or iPad can get.

Designed exclusively for your iPhone by Garmin, the world leader in GPS navigation. The Garmin StreetPilot Onboard application turns your device into a premium GPS navigator with turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions that speaks street names and automatically calculates a new route if you get off track. Garmin onboard navigation offers rich mapping and many advanced features, but is still simple and intuitive to use. It includes Google Local Search in addition to several million preloaded points of interest, and also includes red-light and speed cameras powered by Speedwatch.

Just look at all these included features:
Intuitive user interface
Maps for the U.S. installed on your device (Lower 49 states)
Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including street names
Millions of preloaded points of interest including gas stations, restaurants and ATMs, along with quick-search shortcuts to access your most common search terms
Integrated Google Local Search
Place calls directly from search listings
3-D buildings and landmarks
Lane assist with junction view provides a photorealistic illustration of the correct lane for different maneuvers
Integrated Speedwatch red-light and speed cameras (as available) including user-generated alerts
Via points to enable interim stops along a route
Detour feature for quickly calculating an alternate route
Speed limits with alerts for most major roads
Where Am I? emergency locator shows your exact latitude and longitude, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and gas stations

Garmin U.S.A. reviews

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Excellent GPS app…with offline maps! (tho’ prior Garmin app customers feel ripped off) (by Fred Fassberger)
I haven’t bought Garmin’s other StreetPilot navigation app that did not have "onboard" maps, so customer 1 star reviews with that app may be justified. Perhaps this should have been an upgrade to that app, but since I delayed and didn’t buy that app I’m not feeling ripped-off as are so many other Garmin customers. Garmin needs to work harder on maintaining good customer relations.

Not taking into account the customer relations fiasco, is it justified to give this app a 4 star rating based on only 1 day of use? Well, perhaps not, but I’ve had 4 or 5 Garmin stand-alone devices over the years and the software performed very well (even if their hardware was lacking). So, it’s probably a safe bet to trust that this app will perform very well. With their stellar GPS software on a stellar device (iPhone 4, in my case) this makes the perfect marriage of form and function, imo.

This initial, brief review is only to let you know that the app on the first day has not crashed on me, navigated perfectly to my destinations, the turn-by-turn voice was clear and responsive (tho’ there’s only one female voice that provides street names), and has that beautiful Garmin interface which I’ve always liked. This app is clean, responsive, and is not loaded with too many options, so it’s not as cluttered feeling as Navigon and TomTom but has the essential features you need and expect from a GPS app. Other notes:
-Locks on to satellites almost instantly. Determines directions quickly, tho’ maybe not quite as quickly as the TomTom app.
-Status bar is always in view while using this app (a positive thing).
-When you’re about to reach your destination you are told which side of the street it is on (Navigon fails to do this, which seems like a small gripe but in the real world it’s a huge failing).
-You can enter dashes in your street address. Note that the TomTom app does not allow for this, which is a huge problem if you’re entering such addresses in the NYC area.
-The 3-D view is superb: it’s as if your view is from higher up than the other GPS apps so you can see your upcoming turn(s) farther down the road and thus be better informed of your upcoming turns. The auto-zoom as you approach a turn is perfect. Very, very nice.
-You can easily access a built-in compass (on same screen as additional travel data), which is really useful when, for example, you purposely go off your planned route and just need to be driving in a particular direction. Both Navigon and TomTom lack quick ways to determine compass info.
-Figuring out how to save a Favorite destination was not easy. It’s not all that cumbersome, actually, it’s just not obvious. Here’s how to do it: Enter an address and let it get the screen with the "Go!" button. Tap on the destination bubble and that’ll show you the "Location Details" screen. Click on the "Save" button and you have the option to name your new Favorite. Click "Done" and you have saved your Favorite.
-I bought the Traffic extra but haven’t tested it out yet.

I’ll be updating this review over the next few weeks.

8/3/11 update:
-More testing today. My iPhone 4 is connected directly to my Mazda3′s audio via cable from accessory that’s hardwired into the existing audio system. When connected I’m unable to mute the Garmin app, the volume setting is not accessible (normal) but it would be nice if Garmin could add a "Mute" feature so audio from other apps can be listened to uninterrupted by voice prompts when running in the background.
-Route recalculations are a bit slow compared to TomTom and Navigon. Hoping an update can speed this up.
Need some tweaks and fixes (by ProVideoBob)
!. Voice is too low.
2. After re-calculating no voice to tell you the new directions.
3. Why not turn by turn directions with street names for all of the voices?
4.Loses satellite reception easily.
5.When searching for "points of interest" I would like to see the option for "other cities" like on my portable Nuvi.
6. $19.95 a year for traffic is a rip off since I get lifetime free traffic on my portable Nuvi and Navigon. The gas feature is also a rip off.
7. The biggest rip off is the fact that this should have been an upgrade for people who bought "Street Pilot" like me. We should have had at the very least a discount.

Fix the above items and maybe a few other things that others have mentioned and you will have a full featured "Garmin".
Quickstart Italian for iPhone

Quickstart Italian for iPhone

by By Pearson Education
Quickstart Italian screenshot 1 Quickstart Italian screenshot 2 Quickstart Italian screenshot 3 Quickstart Italian screenshot 4 Quickstart Italian screenshot 5

Quickstart Italian is a simple and effective way to get going and build your confidence fast! This engaging and well-structured approach breaks down the key language into manageable chunks, and gives plenty of opportunity to listen and practise, as well as produce the language yourself.

28 lessons with integrated language support and activities
Interactive phrase book where you can record yourself
Grammar guide for quick and easy reference

The course introduces you to the most relevant language for a trip to Italy from finding somewhere to stay and eating out to shopping and sampling the nightlife. It provides an excellent and practical introduction to Italian from where you can take your language learning further.

Quickstart Italian reviews

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Awesome I love it (by Abdulrahman Aldawood)
This very fun way to learn Italy
I learn alot and am going soon there Soo its will help me alot
The Cocktail App for iPhone

The Cocktail App for iPhone

by By Moritz von Volkmann
10 Ratings
The Cocktail App screenshot 1 The Cocktail App screenshot 2 The Cocktail App screenshot 3 The Cocktail App screenshot 4 The Cocktail App screenshot 5

Based on the famous cocktails poster by Konstantin Datz, you now have the worlds finest cocktails all in one greatly designed iPhone-App!
Watching cocktail recipies has never been that pleasant!
The unique look of each cocktail provides you an incredibly catchy overview over particular recipe.


In order to guarantee you the best recognition value as possible, every ingredient has its own droplet.
So you are able to differentiate them by their material, color and texture!


We developed an unique filter system which enables you stunning possibilities! You want to choose a cocktail by available drinks in your housebar? No problem!

The Cocktail App reviews

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Great design, Not so great recipes (by jobems)
I know you guys copied an old poster with these recipes on it – which is a very cool concept, but by all modern day standards, these are hillbilly recipes paired with a great sleek and modern UI. These are like the first things that would show up in a google search for "Margarita". Uh, yeah I know it has lime juice and 2 alcohols. Give me a mixologist’s take on the drink. It can be classic, but needs to be interesting. Bring the recipes up to par with the UI and it’d be great. I won’t use it for the recipes, but being a designer, I’ll comb the UI for ideas from time to time.
Nice design, meh recipes (by Veltis)
Mojito with lime juice? Not crushed limes? Check these with a real bartender. Once the recipes are up to par, the app will be awesome.