It’s super easy to miss good iPhone apps if you are not looking in the right place. Me, for example I’m always on lookout for new cool iPhone apps. Since I have a great passion for photography one category I always check is Best iPhone Photo Apps.

This is how I discovered apps like Puddin camera, which is amazing even though is not known in Europe or the US. Hopefully, this way I will be able to discover even more good camera apps for iPhone.

Here are cool foto apps I discovered this week.

New And Noteworthy Photo Apps

Pixlr-o-matic for iPhone

Pixlr-o-matic for iPhone

free app
by By Autodesk Inc.
35 Ratings
Pixlr-o-matic screenshot 1 Pixlr-o-matic screenshot 2 Pixlr-o-matic screenshot 3 Pixlr-o-matic screenshot 4 Pixlr-o-matic screenshot 5

Add retro effects to your photos in a snap!

Turn your photos into cool looking vintage images editing is as easy as one, two, three.

With this fun and simple darkroom app, you can layer filters, lighting and borders to get that retro grunge look in three simple steps. So many options to choose from, there are more than 25,000 possible finishes for any one image!


Color filters help you adjust the mood – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades
Lighting effects add drama, sparkle, or a grunge look
Finish off your photo process with the right frame pick a border style that fits you
No camera required! Select a photo from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and start applying effects. If your device has a camera, you can also snap a new picture from within the app.
Share your new vintage image directly with your friends through Facebook or imm.io

Pixlr-o-matic reviews

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Nice!! (by Stub b)
Really awesome app!! Very nice layout & effects, I really love the frames!! Would like to see a loading icon when u apply an effect so u know when its done loading & being able to apply more than one effect at a time (minor complaint). Can’t wait for some updates, keep up the epicness!! :)
Great ! (by appwatching)
- 25 color filters
- 30 lighting effects
- 31 border styles
My Sketch for iPhone

My Sketch for iPhone

by By Miinu
99 Ratings
My Sketch screenshot 1 My Sketch screenshot 2 My Sketch screenshot 3 My Sketch screenshot 4 My Sketch screenshot 5

Over 7 Million Users who has use our Sketch Application on Facebook


Turn your photos to Beautiful Realistic Sketch
Create unlimited sketches
High Resolution
Photos can be taken directly from Camera or Photo Album
Choose 20 different type of Sketches
Adjustment of Brightness and Contrast to achieve the best Sketch Results
Sharing via Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr,Flickr and E-mail

Why are we different from the other Sketch Application?

My Sketch reviews

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Just bought it, excellent ! (by Missyltw)
I’m impressed. Have been using this for last one hour. Sketch is very realistic as claimed, the classic sketch and smooth sketch is undeniably beautiful. I’ve been making 4 sketches today. One suggestion is just to add more sketch using like crayon or other kind of pencil in future. So far I’m very happy
Really (by Bbehras.denny)
Wow this app really is worth $1.99. I love it.
Photo Effect Magic for iPhone

Photo Effect Magic for iPhone

by By ManEye
6 Ratings
Photo Effect Magic screenshot 1 Photo Effect Magic screenshot 2 Photo Effect Magic screenshot 3 Photo Effect Magic screenshot 4 Photo Effect Magic screenshot 5

Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

The most impressive Photo filter app on the app store!!
Do you like the Image filter from the Photo Booth app on the Mac?
It’s now available on your iPhone and iPod Touch!!

Here is just a short list of some effects contained in the application:
Sepia, Black and White, Pencil Paint, Negative, NDarker, Lighter, Contrast
, Smooth, Sharpen, Edges, Contour, Hue Green, Emboss, Blur, and there are many many more!

Just one simple click and save your photo to your photo album.
It’s easy and it is real fun.

AS many as 18+ effects
AS many as 18+ Color effects
+ Use Photo Library or camera images
+ Save paintings to Photo Library
+ Email paintings to friends
+ Send via MMS
+ Use as Wallpaper
+ Copy to Clipboard
+ Supports iPhone 4 Retina display and iPad HD resolution
+ Paint with original color
User-friendly Interface

Photo Effect Magic reviews

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ColorManager Cam for iPhone

ColorManager Cam for iPhone

by By blank
5 Ratings
ColorManager Cam screenshot 1 ColorManager Cam screenshot 2 ColorManager Cam screenshot 3 ColorManager Cam screenshot 4 ColorManager Cam screenshot 5

With ColorManager Cam, you can control color of movies at your taste.
As converting selected color to black and white, you can make your movie like music video or commercial film quickly and easily.

There is 6 color sliders such as red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta.
Just move a color slider as you want, it will change from original color to black and white.
Set your color and record. You can also control sliders while recording in real time, not to mention flash or mic.

Don’t worry about complex form or a lot of number. It applies to every color in your movie.

After recording, go to gallery and check your movies right.
Save your favorite movies to Camera Roll or Email.
You can also share it to YouTube.

ColorManager Cam reviews

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fabulous indeed! (by mistypixiesparkle)
super like and love!!! the effects are nice and smooth.
Awesome!!!!! (by OverBorn)
This app is amazing! Simple and cool~!!!!!
Dog Lovers Camera for iPhone

Dog Lovers Camera for iPhone

free app
by By Milk Drinking Cow
7 Ratings
Dog Lovers Camera screenshot 1 Dog Lovers Camera screenshot 2 Dog Lovers Camera screenshot 3 Dog Lovers Camera screenshot 4 Dog Lovers Camera screenshot 5

Dog Lover’s Camera is a fun app that imposes dogs on pictures that you’re taking with your iDevice. It’s as easy as pointing and clicking. You can select from a wide variety of dogs and position them on the screen with a tap. Download these photos to your computer for a fun album or upload them to Facebook or Twitter to share. Email them to friends and family, or print them out to mail to grandparents or put them in family newsletters.

New features include:
*Scale, rotate and re-size the dogs.
*New user interface.
*Gallery within app to view your photos.
*Load photos from your library.
*Share your photos with social media sites right from the app.

Dog Lovers Camera reviews

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Fantastic app! (by Rustan Melville)
Boy are puppies cute! This app is so cool.
Doggone Good! (by Teri Rig)
This app is great! I can’t wait to do some Facebook posting. I love being able to shrink and enlarge the dogs and place them just so!
Camera PRO PLUS for iPhone 4 for iPhone
Camera PRO PLUS for iPhone 4 screenshot 1 Camera PRO PLUS for iPhone 4 screenshot 2 Camera PRO PLUS for iPhone 4 screenshot 3

Upgrade your iPhone 4 to Old style steampunk SLR Camera!

This is absolutely incredible app – its upgrade your iPhone 4 to professional WORKING Old Style steampunk SLR camera!

This awesome steampunk camera is really PRO camera and can take photos directly from your iPhone 4 (or load existing photos from your iPhone Albums), made advance HQ math optimisation with taken photos and add some additional FX photo effects!

Application Features:

- Steampunk HD Camera design and Style
- Simple and easy HD interface is fully optimized for iPhone 4 retina display
- Advance photo optimisation math algorithms
- 10 FX photo effects to make your photos awesome and nice looking
- Shot optimised photos directly from application or load it from iPhone 4 Photo Library/Album
- Save FX’ed photos to iPhone 4

This app also works well on iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch devices with camera.

Camera PRO PLUS for iPhone 4 reviews

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This is a joke right? (by Dutch Doscher)
The picture is too small to even see what the effects are doing?

None of the effects buttons seem to work.

After their amazing first app, they should be embarrassed to have something cost this much for essentially a funky drawing steampunk interface.

I want my money back
Very dissapointed!! (by Ryan Miller)
App store said no reviews, but there was one other. I wish I had seen it because this app is just as terrible as previously stated!

Fx buttons don’t do anything significant or worth while, sometimes the image rotates 90 degrees after pressing fx button.

How do I get a refund?