If you’re a physician, medical student, or in any other health care related field, trying to find the best free medical apps for the iPhone is a hassle.

My top iPhone medical apps list contains free and paid iPhone medical apps that are just out that might be interesting guys to know. I hope this app list will give you a hand in your quest.

There are the cool unknown apps. Do you know if there are good Android medical apps?
NCLEX Exam Review for iPhone

NCLEX Exam Review for iPhone

free app
by By Sprockit, Inc
NCLEX Exam Review screenshot 1 NCLEX Exam Review screenshot 2 NCLEX Exam Review screenshot 3 NCLEX Exam Review screenshot 4 NCLEX Exam Review screenshot 5

Don’t know where to begin for the NCLEX exam? Tired of carrying books everywhere you go? NCLEX exam review is a comprehensive flashcard review app for the National Council Licensure Examination (Registered Nurse) – with over 1,350 detailed flashcards to help you prepare. Study on the train, on the bus, anywhere you want – as long as you have your Iphone or Ipod touch

“I have a degree in nursing and have downloaded this app to help review some rough patches and I have been more than pleased with it. It has everything that one needs to know to pass the NCLEX test and I wouldn’t recommend any other app but this one.”
- Kristy Delgadillo

NCLEX Exam Review reviews

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Not bad (by Rebecca Bricker)
It’s pretty good app!
Pretty useful app! (by Eugenos)
Lots of materials available
Pill Reminder Diary for iPhone

Pill Reminder Diary for iPhone

by By Oleg Kuzenko
17 Ratings
Pill Reminder Diary screenshot 1 Pill Reminder Diary screenshot 2 Pill Reminder Diary screenshot 3 Pill Reminder Diary screenshot 4 Pill Reminder Diary screenshot 5

Because of our hasty life we often forget to take vitamins, pills, medicines, contraceptives, bodybuilding nutrition and so on. Thus our health or even plans for the future cease to be under control. With the help of this application you will be able to take everything on time and what is more important you will be safe from overdose that sometimes can save your life. All you have to do is to enter data and you’ll be warned by signal when it is time to take something. The dosage will be also displayed. You can always look through the list of what you have already accepted in the ”History”. It’s easy to mark accepted medicines with the help of checkbox. It doesn’t require connection with the Internet.

App features:

- History of taken and untaken pills;
- Possibility to set schedule for days, months;
- Reminder for taking pills;
- Possibility to look through the schedule (future or past);
- Possibility to delete from the schedule;
- Convenient interface for different time modes;
- Technical support from the application;
- User friendly interface.

Pill Reminder Diary reviews

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thanks (by Micky56_me)
I always forget to take my contraceptives. I hope with this app it will be impossible.
will be helpful for me (by Maria_G7)
I think this app is very helpful those who is suffering from diabetes as me.
Pediatrics Made Easy for iPhone

Pediatrics Made Easy for iPhone

by By RightAcross.com
Pediatrics Made Easy screenshot 1 Pediatrics Made Easy screenshot 2 Pediatrics Made Easy screenshot 3 Pediatrics Made Easy screenshot 4

Pediatrics is all about details. These are not little adults. They are unique and need to be dealt with differently. Pediatrics Made Easy will provide you with a quick reference to their unique:
- Lab Values
- History Taking
- Physical Exam
- Developmental Milestones
- Normal Variants Images
- Vaccines
- Vital Signs
- Reflexes
- APGAR score
- Caloric Requirements
- Fluid Requirements
- Croup Score
- Growth Charts
- Tanner Stages
- Many more to come…
Pediatrics Made Easy can be used by literally any health professional including attendings, residents, students, nurses, and medical assistants to name a few. Pediatrics Made Easy will be especially important for student doctors who need a quick way to learn how to take history and physicals on a pediatric patient.

Pediatrics Made Easy reviews

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Anesthetics for iPhone

Anesthetics for iPhone

by By Mohsen N
6 Ratings
Anesthetics screenshot 1 Anesthetics screenshot 2 Anesthetics screenshot 3 Anesthetics screenshot 4 Anesthetics screenshot 5

Anesthetic App is an educational tool to calculate the Max dosages and Max number of cartridges for local anesthetic in dentistry based on the age and weight of the patient. It Also, generate a detailed report based on the type and the number of injected cartridges.

- Dosage calculator based on the weight and age
- Automatic correction for kids (under 18 years old)
- Maximum Recommended Dose calculator
- Max Recommended # of Cartridges calculator
- Auto report generator based with total dosages and total # of cartridges
- E-mail report option

Anesthetics reviews

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Good App (by Mike Tabez, DDS)
This is a great app for general dentist and dental students for everyday use! I really like it
ADHD Quiz for iPhone

ADHD Quiz for iPhone

by By EM Hallowell LLC
ADHD Quiz screenshot 1 ADHD Quiz screenshot 2 ADHD Quiz screenshot 3 ADHD Quiz screenshot 4

Do you think you or a loved one has ADHD? A coworker? A student in your class?

World renowned ADHD expert Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, child/adult psychiatrist, lecturer, past member of the Harvard Medical School faculty, and author of 18 books, brings you his easy to use application to help you determine if you or someone you love has ADHD. Dr. Hallowell helps you learn more about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with two self-assessment quizzes and helpful ADHD background, next steps, resources, and news.

Great for teachers and school counselors, too!

Adults and children living with untreated ADHD have trouble focusing, remembering things, and completing tasks once they begin. Often, they dont realize there is anything they can do; they think its just the way they are and will always be.

ADHD Quiz reviews

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A Disappointment. (by Hannah Lee Tomlinson)
For those of us who are relatively conversant in ADHD topics and have read Dr. Hallowell’s many books, this is nothing more than a short rehash of his books and an advertisement for those books and his other work. So, why is it not free, Dr. Hallowell?

If you take the adult test, the comments at the end say "the more ‘yes’ answers you give, the more likely you have ADHD." This is helpful?!! Likely those who download this app already suspect or know they or a loved one have ADHD. Again, if we’re going to pay for an app, there should be a little more bang for the buck.

Yet, conveniently, there ARE some good resources listed in the app (but also in the books).

For those who know NOTHING about ADHD, this may be a good value. For those with any knowledge of ADHD, it’s not worth it — even as part of your library. Really, this was a disappointment.
Very useful App! (by saalboy)
It is an honor to be the first to write a review of Dr. Hallowell’s new app. This is a real winner. As an iPhone/iPad lover I have seen a lot of apps and this one is here to stay. I am also a Child Psychiatrist (in California) who treats ADHD and I have already begun recommending this one to my patients. Thanks!