Planing you vacation already? Are you heading to the high peaks to do some snowboarding, skiing or just enjoy the weather? Awesome.

Here are some apps that might help you enjoy your vacation even more. You can check some of the best skiing routes and tips on how to ski if this is your first time on the track.

The iPhone can be a very convenient way to prepare for such a trip.

iPhone Snow Sports | Ski Apps

Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map for iPhone

Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map for iPhone

by By AccuTerra by Intermap
Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map screenshot 1 Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map screenshot 2 Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map screenshot 3 Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map screenshot 4

AccuTerra Aspen GPS, brought to you by AccuTerra by Intermap, is a GPS App for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Aspen, Colorado is home to four world-class ski areas; offering more than 5,300 acres of bowls, trees, glades, and over 300 trails for skiers of all abilities. The Aspen area is also known internationally as a celebrity hot-spot and the location of the 2010 Winter X Games (January 28-30, 2010). Be sure to take the Aspen Colorado GPS App with you for highly detailed maps of the ski areas that are EMBEDDED on your iPhone, so you can find and track your GPS location whether you have a network connection or not.

Record your progress throughout the day on stunning AccuTerra trail maps, or, if you have a cell signal, switch to Google Maps and check your location on a satellite map. You can even post your exact GPS location right to your Facebook page. Take geo-coded photos to create a multi-dimensional capture of your day on the hill. Then replay your saved tracks and photos Aprs-ski via AccuTerras unique Walking Tour, or share your day via Facebook and email. Dont fumble with a paper map anymore!

Aspen GPS features includes:

The entire ski area boundaries; including the base area, lodges, runs, bowls, lifts, and trails by difficulty.

Unlimited Tracks! There is no limit to the number of tracks that can be recorded.

Unlimited Waypoints! There is no limit to the number of geo-located points that can be recorded.

Unlimited Geo-coded pictures! Photos taken within AccuTerra are linked to your adventures and can be displayed in the location in which they were taken.

Real-time elevation profile and travel statistics.

Aspen GPS: Ski and Snowboard Trail Map reviews

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Beyond Expectations (by TinyUniverse)
I am going to Aspen for the holidays and figured I would give this a go. My first impression was that this was going to be another scanned resort trail map app, boy was I excited to fly around to all four mountains see the well designed map of all four maps. I would pay for this app, can’t believe it is free! Thanks AccuTerra and keep coming with these great ski resort maps.
Aspen revealed (by Mercedes230)
I am not a skier but know the Aspen area well as we hike a lot in the summer. These maps look great. I know the App and cann’t wait to use this set of Aspen maps in the spring.
OnTheSnow Gear Guide for iPhone

OnTheSnow Gear Guide for iPhone

free app
by By OnTheSnow.com
21 Ratings
OnTheSnow Gear Guide screenshot 1 OnTheSnow Gear Guide screenshot 2 OnTheSnow Gear Guide screenshot 3 OnTheSnow Gear Guide screenshot 4 OnTheSnow Gear Guide screenshot 5

Get this cool new OnTheSnow Gear Guide app first ever that lets you browse, narrow down, compare, and share a wide range of this year’s skis, snowboards and boots.

Find all the best new gear with unbiased top picks from experts. Take what you’ve learned into the ski shop. Share it with friends. Do it all on the go, then you’ll be set to go OnTheSnow.


Discover the best gear of the upcoming season
Check out more than 200 products
Discover OnTheSnows top picks for skis, snowboards, and boots
Narrow the choices, compare, save, then share them
Be in the know when you get to the snow.

OnTheSnow Gear Guide reviews

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It needs more content (by Tylarlol)
This app is very beautiful and visually appealing! But it lacks content. I can’t wait for the next update
Little options (by Jed Madsen)
There needs to be more boards and even a search area. It’s a good app but just needs more selections
iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) for iPhone

iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) for iPhone

by By Big Air Software, LLC
451 Ratings
iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) screenshot 1 iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) screenshot 2 iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) screenshot 3 iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) screenshot 4 iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) screenshot 5

iTrailMap 3D lets you see yourself on a 3D mountain, record your tracks and upload them to the web. It also records stats like vert and distance. The app was designed for skiers and snowboarders. But it works great for mountain biking and hiking also.

- Pan, zoom, and rotate 3D models of your favorite ski resorts.
- Download paper/piste maps to the phone.
- Once a resort’s maps are downloaded, no internet or cellular connection is needed. You can still view the maps and even use the GPS without a network connection.
- See your GPS location on the slopes (iPhone 3G only).
- Record your tracks, and show them to friends later (iPhone 3G only).
- Record your vertical feet and total distance skied (iPhone 3G only).
- Extremely fast access to paper maps. Don’t let your hands freeze while waiting for maps to download.
-Flip smoothly between 3D GPS maps and paper maps. With a single touch.

iTrailMap 3D (ski and snowboard trail maps) reviews

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Amazing (by Fredy192837465)
This is the best app ever. I love to ski!
Package to no where (by Axis360)
No map, no resorts, no use.
Can’t see anything but that it crashes. Trying on iPhone 4 with latest software as of march 25 2011.

Ok updated -April 08 2011 no contact with makers after sending a few emails asking why nothing works today I got update that said critical update. I did update and viola I can load new maps. I could not do that before. So now I have maps bur major part of season is over and I not tested anywhere to see if they work , but I did add 4 mts to see if I could. It did thanks I hope the app works.
Peaks for iPhone

Peaks for iPhone

by By Augmented Outdoors
22 Ratings
Peaks screenshot 1 Peaks screenshot 2 Peaks screenshot 3 Peaks screenshot 4 Peaks screenshot 5

“Wow, what a view! Which mountain is that?”

You now have your answer: Peaks from Augmented Outdoors!

Just point your iPhone at a mountain, and it will tell you all about it.

Perfect for your next outdoor adventure – hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, or even a picnic in the foothills.

No internet connection required – works offline!

Coverage: virtually every major and minor peak in the world.

- Don’t wait for the iPhone to calibrate: touch-hold anywhere on the screen, align a peak, and release.
- Make the perfect picture – double-touch a location bubble to make it disappear.

Peaks reviews

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Thanks! (by balthisar)
Great little program, and a great developer for listening to feedback! (thanks for letting me choose metric units distances despite my US phone settings!)
Augmented Reality (by aoberlander)
Not consistently accurate in actual location of peaks, and recalibrating (via figure 8 motion) often yields same results.
SkiTips1 for iPhone

SkiTips1 for iPhone

by By Red Team Productions
5 Ratings
SkiTips1 screenshot 1 SkiTips1 screenshot 2 SkiTips1 screenshot 3 SkiTips1 screenshot 4 SkiTips1 screenshot 5

Treat yourself to a Private Ski Instructor this Winter – for the entire Season!

The SkiTips series of Ski Teaching Apps sets new standards in Sports instruction, enabling skiers for the first time to take all of their instructional media out on the slopes with them. The Lessons demonstrated in SkiTips1 cover all the fundamentals of skiing that beginners and intermediates require to become competent skiers. This App teaches you how to use pressure and edging and the skis’ side-cut to carve turns with very little effort as well as how to perform ‘extension’ turns, a very useful turn when advancing to steep slopes. Every level of skier will benefit from reviewing all the exercises presented.

SkiTips1 reviews

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Who would have believed it!! (by Jomorgante)
I hadn’t skied in the last 30 years and didn’t believe that I would ever dare to again. But this app with it’s great instructional material which reduces complicated movements into easy steps and tips really did the trick. Breaking it all down to rolling, applying pressure and carving, I managed to miraculously even get down even the steepest slopes. I still can’t believe it and can’t wait to ski more.
Snow and Ski Report by REI for iPhone

Snow and Ski Report by REI for iPhone

free app
by By The Zumobi Network
11993 Ratings
Snow and Ski Report by REI screenshot 1 Snow and Ski Report by REI screenshot 2 Snow and Ski Report by REI screenshot 3 Snow and Ski Report by REI screenshot 4 Snow and Ski Report by REI screenshot 5

One of the most popular snow sport and weather apps, the Snow & Ski Report by REI App is back and packed with new features for the 2010-11 ski season.

Snow & Ski Report by REI will help you figure out the best place to spend your time up at the mountain. Add up to 12 resorts via GPS or pick them from a world wide list. Get push notifications when there is new snow and when vital conditions are updated such as the amount of trails open, snowfall over the last 72 hours, depth at the base and at the top, along with a five day forecast.

Snow and Ski Report by REI reviews

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Good app (by drduncanaz)
App provides the info you need. Sometimes certain locations don’t have current temps. Not sure why.
Little out of date (by Rob Campolieto)
Little out of date


by By Core Coders Ltd
191 Ratings

The premier tracking application for Skiers and Snowboarders. FEATURES:
Battery Friendly – Track all day.
No data or phone signal required for tracking.
Compliant background application – take/receive calls and text while tracking.
Run by Run Ski Analysis.
Comprehensive Ski Stats and Profile Graphs.
Animated Preview in Maps and Google Earth.
Maps with Standard and Satellite modes.
Add photographs to track.
Checkout your Skiing/Boarding in Google Earth
Share tracks with friends.
Battery Monitor.
Built in iPod controls.
Metric and Imperial units.


Unlike many other tracking applications Ski Tracks is designed to use less power and will last all day


: (see more reviews)
PeakFinder Alps for iPhone

PeakFinder Alps for iPhone

by By Fabio Soldati
19 Ratings
PeakFinder Alps screenshot 1 PeakFinder Alps screenshot 2 PeakFinder Alps screenshot 3

PeakFinder is for mountain climbers, hikers, and people who just crave information about the world around them. Whether you’re standing atop a mountain or sitting in the comfort of your living room, PeakFinder gives you gorgeous panoramic views of mountain ranges. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

‘App of the Week’ and #1 Travel App in more than 10 countries!

Super easy handling, super smooth views and excellent user interface. I love hopping to my favorite mountains and enjoy the panorama, while being there or hundreds of miles away
– SpaceBuck

Anyone who has ever been close to the natural wonders of mountain ranges can tell you that they’re intriguing and beautiful. They’ll also tell you that it’s easy to lose your location, making it hard to figure out where you are and where you’re heading. Peakfinder Alps is an incredible addition to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for those people who are drawn to the natural beauty of the mountains and want to experience it first-hand. It’s also a great way to explore the mountains of the European Alps without leaving home.

PeakFinder Alps features include:
* Fast rendering of the surrounding landscapes in a range of up to 250 km
* Smooth scrolling and zooming
* Digital binoculars to select less prominent peaks (Screenshot 2)
* Covers the complete area of the Alps including Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia (Screenshot 3)

PeakFinder Alps reviews

: (see more reviews)
Does not work well at all…waste of money!
X Games SnoCross for iPhone

X Games SnoCross for iPhone

by By ESPN
1065 Ratings
X Games SnoCross screenshot 1 X Games SnoCross screenshot 2 X Games SnoCross screenshot 3 X Games SnoCross screenshot 4 X Games SnoCross screenshot 5

In celebration of 15 years of Winter X Games, weve dropped the price of X Games SnoCross to $0.99.

Pull double back flips all day long for under a buck. And dont forget to watch Winter X Games 15 on ESPN / ESPN2 / ESPN3.com / ESPN3D January 27 30.

Catch some big air, show off your best tricks, and wear your medals proudly. Whether youre an amateur or on par with Winter X Games medalists Levi LaVallee and Heath Frisby, ride and compete on courses based on the Winter X Games 14 ScoCross and freestyle competitions.

* 6 SnoCross race tracks and 2 freestyle tracks, including daytime and night events
* Customize your sled and rider or play as Winter X Games medalists Levi LaVallee and Heath Frisby
* X Games Championship career events
* Freestyle mode with competitive scoring system
* 5 player Wi-Fi and 2 player Bluetooth multiplayer
* Multiple camera views
* Various levels of difficulty
* 8 preset control schemes including Responsive Tilt Steering

X Games SnoCross reviews

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Another winner from 2XL Games (by yupi7100)
I love all 3 of the racing games from 2XL Games. They’re extremely polished graphically, very fun to play and great value for the money. I wish they would offer their 3 iPhone/iTouch racing titles in the Playstation network. I would love to play this game, Supercross and ATV offroad in my PSP!
Amazing game! (by brazil009)
An amazing game with great graphics and the controls are easy to use, only suggestion i have is to make more rides and they should have stats like one has more speed or handling than another. Overall its definitly worth the 5 dollars
ESPN X Games 17 for iPhone

ESPN X Games 17 for iPhone

free app
by By ESPN
2589 Ratings
ESPN X Games 17 screenshot 1 ESPN X Games 17 screenshot 2 ESPN X Games 17 screenshot 3 ESPN X Games 17 screenshot 4 ESPN X Games 17 screenshot 5

The new and improved X Games app puts the most exciting action sports competition on the planet directly in the palm of your hand. Inside youll find news, video highlights and LIVE results from X Games 17, along with schedules, photo galleries, athlete bios, blogs, spectator info and incredible behind-the-scenes X Games content.

Download this free app today and use it to buy YOUR tickets to X Games 17!

Features include:

-Video highlights: Check out the best runs, tricks, highlights and other incredible clips from X Games 17.

-Live Results: Gold, silver, bronze and everything else all on your phone and from every exciting discipline at X Games 17.

-News: Get the inside scoop on X Games 17 while keeping up with breaking news from around the world of action sports.

ESPN X Games 17 reviews

: (see more reviews)
Love it (by It crashessssss)
Sweet app. Great organization. Can’t wait for the x games :)
This is awesome!!! (by The Gumballer)
This is going to be great to have being that i work though most of the xgames!!!