In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. This wide dynamic range allows HDR images to more accurately represent the range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to faint starlight

You can always choose to take your pics one nudge higher if you are willing to spend a bit more. With just a few bucks you can get some awesome iPhone apps that can help you explore iPhone HDR photography.

There are also free apps for HDR which you can test first but if you want awesome pics without watermarks or ads you need to pay.
Pro HDR for iPhone

Pro HDR for iPhone

by By eyeApps LLC
1405 Ratings
Pro HDR screenshot 1 Pro HDR screenshot 2 Pro HDR screenshot 3 Pro HDR screenshot 4 Pro HDR screenshot 5

Automatically create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap!

Thanks to Pro HDR, you no longer have to choose between a blown-out sky or a hopelessly dark foreground. Bringing automatic high dynamic range photography to your iPhone for the first time ever, Pro HDR captures an image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows. It then aligns and merges the images, giving you a gorgeous 3- or 5-megapixel HDR image like nothing you’ve ever seen from such a tiny device.

Unlike fake HDR apps that merely take a single photo and reprocess it (without actually adding any new detail), Pro HDR massively extends the dynamic range of your camera and produces beautiful results that you have to see to believe. Plus, Pro HDR is the first HDR app in the world with an automatic mode. We also provide an assisted Manual mode for those times when you wish to choose your exact exposures. Finally, you can take stunning high-resolution photos of all those scenes that are just too contrasty to capture in a single picture.

Not only will seasoned photographers instantly fall in love with Pro HDR, one look at our example images should convince anyone that Pro HDR represents a new era in mobile photography.

Check out our gallery here: http://www.eyeappsllc.com/Gallery.html

Pro HDR reviews

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A Must Have! (by Sam Fuchs)
This app is capable of producing some absolutely amazing photos. I now often grab my iPhone 4 instead of my Canon due to what this app is capable of… No joke! Also, it blows away the results you’ll get with Apple’s built in HDR technology.
Great App! (by **Strider**)
As a professional photographer, I’m really impressed with the HDR images created using this app combined with my iPhone 4.

Sometimes I find myself without my gear and need to take some pictures of certain outdoor structures. Pro HDR gives me the ability to do so with some incredible results. It’s fun to tell clients sometimes that a particular shot was taken with my phone.

I wish it would allow me to take additional bracketed shots with just one click, however, I will probably never delete this from my phone.

Great Job!
iCamera HDR: All-in-One for iPhone

iCamera HDR: All-in-One for iPhone

by By Everimaging Ltd
189 Ratings
iCamera HDR: All-in-One screenshot 1 iCamera HDR: All-in-One screenshot 2 iCamera HDR: All-in-One screenshot 3 iCamera HDR: All-in-One screenshot 4 iCamera HDR: All-in-One screenshot 5

iCamera HDR uses Everimaging’s cutting edge technology to capture, edit, and create beautiful and professional photos on your iPhone.

Key features:
1.Automatic in-app HDR captures mode allow you to capture beautiful images with one tap

2.Manual in-app HDR capture mode allows you choose the exposures you prefer to create your HDR images

3.Single in-app HDR capture mode allows you use only one photo to create HDR photos at lightning speed

4.Normal in-app capture mode use in-app iPhone standard camera combined with other capture features (steady &/or fill light) to capture photos for later in-app processing.

5.Advanced image alignment algorithm precisely aligns photos in seconds.

6.Different levels of Anti-shake ensure the most clear, clean capture of photos

7.We provide three different patented Tone Mapping Engines with fine tuning sliders for your choices to get the image you like

iCamera HDR: All-in-One reviews

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A couple of things (by oldmandata)
First off, on an iPhone 4 I am not having any crashing issues. On that note, I do have a couple of major complaints. First off this camera only takes 3.6 megapixel shots on my iPhone, when Apple’s native HDR camera takes 5.0 megapixel photos. That’s two stars off right there, because upon taking identical photos with iCamera HDR and Apple’s camera, the stock camera has better image quality. Second of all, it takes absolutely forever for this camera to take pictures in HDR auto mode. First it takes an analysis shot, which it proceeds to grind away at for 4-5 seconds, then it takes two more shots about a second apart. That’s seven seconds you must try to hold absolutely still, and hope your subject doesn’t move in the meantime. Apple’s camera is near instantaneous, and I can take 3 burst bracketed shots on my Nikon D70 in a split-second as well, so it’s not a limitation of the medium. Single-image HDR mode negates pretty much any benefit of using this app, so that’s not even really a consideration. Manual mode isn’t too bad (relatively), but since you’re required to set your highlight and shadow points manually, there goes any chance of taking spontaneous shots, since this setup time can take nearly as long, if not longer, than taking photos in auto mode. Another minor issue is that this camera does not set the orientation flag correctly, so horizontal photos must be rotated manually. But this is a small issue. Overall, if this camera bumped it’s resolution up to 5.0mp on the iPhone 4, and reduced the shot time dramatically in auto mode, it would definitely be a 5-star application, because the rest of it works great. Unfortunately the issues I mentioned means you’re spending money to get worse quality than what comes stock on your new iPhone. So I’d recommend a ‘pass’ until these issues are resolved. At that time I’ll reassess this application and revise this review accordingly.
LAME SAUCE (by Dobreski Family Account)
Worst photo editor app I have EVER bought. Such a scam, and a waste of .99cents. Everytime I finish editing a pic, it crashes, and the photo is lost. WTFFFFFF
HDR for Free for iPhone

HDR for Free for iPhone

free app
by By Free the Apps!
15310 Ratings
HDR for Free screenshot 1 HDR for Free screenshot 2

HDR (High Dynamic Range) images use a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. Basically, for us non-technical folk, it makes images look sweet! Those lame and vanilla looking outdoor photos will look awesome! This app contains unobtrusive advertisements that are carefully selected.

HDR for Free reviews

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Piece of crap (by Larry-ny)
This thing is not HDR. All it does is load in a photo, and let you chose from its nine presets, which all it does is increase saturation.
Terrible (by Joel A C)
Nothing more than simple image post processing and it doesn’t even do that well. Not worth downloading.
HDR Camera for iPhone

HDR Camera for iPhone

by By MacPhun LLC
1349 Ratings
HDR Camera screenshot 1 HDR Camera screenshot 2 HDR Camera screenshot 3 HDR Camera screenshot 4

Bring more life and color to your photos with HDR Camera!
Take a look at the screenshots to see the difference between usual photos and photos made with our HDR Camera.

HDR (or High Dynamic Range Imaging) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques.
The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows.

By using this technique you are able to make amazing photos that are impossible to do with any usual photo camera!

With HDR Camera App you can take an instant photo or pick one of pictures from your photo album and than receive a real HDR image in just few seconds!

HDR Camera reviews

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Not even work free (by Timothy Davies)
I accidentally downloaded this program instead of True HDR after I had to restore my iPhone… Big mistake. I still tried it out since I had already paid for it… Totally worthless, not even worth it if it was free. It’s not a real HDR program, it just uses filters…which don’t seam to do much at all. Get True HDR instead, it take 2 pictures focused on light and dark, and combines them… As a real HDR program should.
Waste of money (by Angry iPhone owner)
Among the many horribly useless tricks in the app store, this one is just like the rest. Completely useless. Waste of money. Biggest problem? Waiting like 2 minutes to load each filter. Total bummer.
TrueHDR for iPhone

TrueHDR for iPhone

by By Pictional LLC
940 Ratings
TrueHDR screenshot 1 TrueHDR screenshot 2 TrueHDR screenshot 3 TrueHDR screenshot 4 TrueHDR screenshot 5

Greater control over exposure points with SemiAuto capture mode and manual mode
- Can automatically save original images for use with desktop HDR programs if desired
- Works on iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, and iPod Touch 4G where the native camera does not offer an HDR option
- Full support for front facing camera in all three modes (Auto, SemiAuto, and Manual), making composing and taking self portraits easier and more fun than ever
- Convenient sharing features (Facebook, Twitter, email)
- Photo albums integration: create an HDR photo using saved images
- Better HDR results through state-of-the-art computational photography techniques /p>

TrueHDR reviews

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Love the results (by Charles J. B.)
I take a lot of landscape shots, and occasionally do real estate photography. In both scenarios, I battle with dynamic range, and TrueHDR has helped me tremendously. The app renders both the brighter and the darker areas really nicely. The automatic alignment between pictures works better than my far more expensive desktop HDR software.

I’ve been a long-time user of the app – the old version had some crashes, but the new version appears to have fixed that, and I’ve been able to continuously take many shots without crashes.
Takes great pictures, highly recommended (by mediawolf)
High-quality HDR with several modes of auto/manual; clean stitching; superb color balance – rich, warm, vivid without looking saturated or fake. My favorite among several HDR apps. Simply produces better pics. I use it on a 3GS.
HDR Foto for iPhone

HDR Foto for iPhone

free app
by By Union Well Limited
77 Ratings
HDR Foto screenshot 1 HDR Foto screenshot 2 HDR Foto screenshot 3 HDR Foto screenshot 4 HDR Foto screenshot 5

Thanks to HDR Foto, you no longer have to treat a balance between a blown-out sky or a nearly dark foreground. HDR Foto helps you create beautiful output image nearly instantly with great ease.

Key features:
1. In-app HDR captures mode allow you to capture beautiful images with one tap

2. True 32-bit HDR workflow to ensure the excellent HDR photo quality

3. Use the grid to line up your shots and eliminate tilted shots.

4. Dozens of powerful photo effects carefully developed with professional photographers and graphics designers for all of your image editing needs

5. Catch the viewer’s eye with over 10 custom frames to choose among

6.Dozens of Image Editing Sliders and buttons for you to completely fine tune and control your final images in real time. From Brightness, Contrast, Color Balance,Color Temperature and Tint adjustment, Blur/Sharpening, just to name a few, many levels of fine tuning are available.

HDR Foto reviews

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Great but still has one big (by HorstSL)
What a drag! It’s a great app but still has one little bug: This application works perfectly fine in the difficult parts as producing in HDR photo pic. But it always crashes on the basic job of saving the picture whenever I’m trying to save or export the results, the application is processing the picture up to 67% and then crashes . I have an iPhone 3G with IOS 421
Great filters. (by Leylifer)
After Update: yeah, now we have albums instead of ablums but the changelog is wrong I think. Is it the old changelog?

I dont see any new filters or photo frames.

The only improvement I see is ablums.

Before update: I searched for a free HDR app and found this.

I was shocked when i saw that it has better filters than instagram. I appreciate that. The problem is, it has 11 filters only. Although 7-8 of them are really great, it should contain more filters I think (about 20).

The other problem is about photo frames that there are no simple (thick or thin) "black" borders. There should be 2-3 (not fancy) black frames.

If you continue to support and upgrade this app, it would be really great.

BTW, how an amateurism that there are only three buttons on main menu and one of them is written wrong. :) The ablums.

Anyway, 5 stars for me.
Simply HDR for iPhone

Simply HDR for iPhone

by By JixiPix Software
18 Ratings
Simply HDR screenshot 1 Simply HDR screenshot 2 Simply HDR screenshot 3 Simply HDR screenshot 4 Simply HDR screenshot 5

Simply HDR is an incredibly powerful tool that will instantly create stunning imagery from otherwise bland subjects and compositions.

Early on photographers were challenged to capture beautiful scenery, seen with their eyes onto film. Now, with Simply HDR photographers and hobbyists can automatically convert their images into ones with unparalleled ranges of light and detail. Gone are the days of multiple images; with Simply HDR one picture is all that is required to add dramatic luminescence to the brightest and darkest areas of any scene.

Simply HDR will produce an outstanding picture with a maximized range of dynamic light, but for times when your subjects are people or pets, we’ve provided a smoothing slider to gently smooth areas with too much detail or use it to correct a halo where the sky meets the trees.

High Dynamic Range is captivating and mesmerizing, revealing and detailed, utterly awesome and rich with beauty. It’s also user-friendly for both professional and amateur photographers.

Features include five HDR styles…
High Dynamic Range, Black and White HDR, Contrasted HDR, Shadows and Lights, and Contrasted Light.

Simply HDR reviews

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Just the best (by KnoxvilleCustomer)
You will love this app. Easy to use with spectacular results.
this app!! (by Dathaninotown)
Easy to use & churns out awesome pics!!
HDR 2.0 - World's first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot for iPhone

HDR 2.0 – World’s first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot for iPhone

by By 9Monkeys Limited
7 Ratings
HDR 2.0 - World's first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot screenshot 1 HDR 2.0 - World's first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot screenshot 2 HDR 2.0 - World's first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot screenshot 3 HDR 2.0 - World's first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot screenshot 4 HDR 2.0 - World's first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot screenshot 5

HDR 2.0 let’s you take high dynamic range images of action shots AND without taking multiple pictures of the same subject.

What is the difference between the traditional HDR and HDR2.0? HDR2.0 can take action shots, traditional HDR cannot. HDR2.0 automatically also corrects exposure problems.

What is HDR? It is a technique for obtaining a composite image from several still images of the same subject with different exposure settings. In each of these still images, there are under-exposed and over-exposed areas, in which the details are obscured. In the HDR composite, however, the details of the darker areas have been borrowed from the more over-exposed still images, and the details of the brighter areas have been borrowed or based from under-exposed still images. The resulting image is vivid, and full of details, both dark and light.

HDR 2.0 – World’s first action HDR, Take HDR from 1 shot reviews

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HDR Vistas for iPhone

HDR Vistas for iPhone

free app
by By Stroika
52 Ratings
HDR Vistas screenshot 1 HDR Vistas screenshot 2 HDR Vistas screenshot 3 HDR Vistas screenshot 4

Tour the World in HDR!

The most beautiful vistas captured in amazing High Dynamic Range (HDR).

HDR Photography is a technique that allows images to more accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes.

HDR Vistas – taken from beauty spots across the globe – accurately capture the intensity of colour and light. The result is stunning.

Montana – USA, Galicia – Spain, Delhi – India, Buenos Aires – Argentina, British Columbia – Canada, New York – USA, Zurich – Switzerland, Brisbane – Australia, Potsdam – Germany, The Maldives, Vienna – Austria, Durham – England, Paris – France, Quebec – Canada, Shanghai – China, Rannoch Moor – Scotland, Athens – Greece, Gothenberg – Sweden, Uyuni – Bolivia, Phan Thiet – Vietnam, Sicily – Italy, St Petersburg – Russia, AND MANY MORE.

Explore the world in all it’s color and vibrancy. Flick through, zoom in, save the images to your photo roll for use as screensaver etc.

HDR Vistas reviews

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Not useful (by Merrillius)
Downloaded, tested, conclusion: not useful
Useful for what it is. (by Bcrenshaw)
I get irritated when I read reviews from people who thought apps did something it never said it did. This app does exactly what it says it does. Beautiful HDR pictures from locations around the world. If I didn’t have kids these would be perfect backgrounds. Since I have kids though space is already taken.