My take is that the built in iPhone email app is the best one you can get at the moment but if you are not happy with the iPhone mail app you can always pick one of the alternatives from the list below.

Be careful though not to spend the buck for nothing, read carefully the specs and what each mail app does. Would be a pity to get the same features you already have.

I think the best alternative for the email app is Email’n’Walk and I would use it a lot myself .. if I would not bike to work :P.

Anyway.. let me know if i missed any good one and enjoy.

iPhone Email Apps

ibisMail - Filtering Mail for iPhone

ibisMail – Filtering Mail for iPhone

by By ibis inc.
317 Ratings
ibisMail - Filtering Mail screenshot 1 ibisMail - Filtering Mail screenshot 2 ibisMail - Filtering Mail screenshot 3 ibisMail - Filtering Mail screenshot 4 ibisMail - Filtering Mail screenshot 5

ibisMail supports creation folders and filtering rules.
You can view various types of files such as office files and zip files.
Additionally, ibisMail can connect to various types of mail servers as it supports most protocols and authentications.

This application is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

-receive and send messages on itself.
-create folders and rules for message filtering.
-The option to keep the communication when the application goes to background. (Unavailable for iPhone 3G)
-Supports fetch function for POP server. (Unavailable for iPhone 3G)
-Supports Push notification function for IMAP server supported IMAP4 IDLE command. (Unavailable for iPhone 3G)
-uncompress zip files, that can be password-protected(supports PKWARE ver.2 only.)
-open the attached file in other apps.
-open the attached files in other apps which the kind of files are not supported in ibisMail.
-signatures for each account.
-Start-up password.
-macro templates for new message, reply message and forward message.
-saves 1,000 messages for each account.
-set read mark to all messages in a folder at once.
-create a rule for message sorting “When you received messages from “from”, move it to the trush”.
-even when you reply to all, it’s easy to change the “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” fields.
-send and receive messages with POP3, IMAP4, SMTP.
-variety of authentications. APOP, POP before SMTP, CRAM-MD5 and Digest-MD5.
-SSL/TLS(includes STARTTLS) connection.
-self-signed certificates.
-turn off/on(choose from samples) receiving and sending sounds.
-receive Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, rtf, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, wav, mp3, aif attatchment files.(However, the total size of mail can be received only up to about 10MB for POP account. )
-Send pictures(When you compose a message, you can choose images from photo library or use camera).
-Forward attachments such as Image files, Office files, zip, pdf and etc.
-Subscribe/unsubscribe setting of each folder.(IMAP only)
-high speed decoding attachment files.
-sending and receiving messages, you can see progress with the status message.
-show name of Contacts on Message List Screen and Message Body Screen. However, this feature is enabled only if the address is 50 characters or less.(Default is off).
-landscape mode in all screens.

-Seaching messages
-Deleting messages from pop server
-Auto filtering spam mails
-NTLM Authentication(MS-Exchange)
-Auto setup accounts from account list of built-in mail
-Create HTML mail.

If more than one account turned on the push or fetch function, ibisMail is running the background communication, which drains the battery rapidly.
If you reduce battery consumption, please turn off the push and fetch functions.

-Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo.com(Yahoo! Mail Plus), MobileMe, AOL, gmx.com, gawab.com, zenbe.com, lavabit.com
-If you have any problems such as connection or login errors with above mail services, please give us reports.

ibisMail – Filtering Mail reviews

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Email 'n Walk **As seen on the BBC** for iPhone

Email ‘n Walk **As seen on the BBC** for iPhone

by By Phase2 Media
3951 Ratings
Email 'n Walk **As seen on the BBC** screenshot 1

Check us out:
- November issue of Playboy!
- HowStuffWorks: “Ten Off the Wall iPhone Apps”
- Bestappever: Nominated for “Most Innovative App”

Email ‘n Walk lets you safely compose emails on the go!

To send an email while on the move, just open up Email ‘n Walk, and enter the subject and message text while a transparent view shows the world around you via your iPhone’s camera. Then, just hit “send” to send the message to the iPhone mail app, pick your recipients, and send away!

Note: We can’t take any responsibility for your stupidity, so please don’t go walking into traffic, off of cliffs, or into the middle of gunfights while emailing.

If you like Email ‘n Walk, check out our other apps:
- Designated Dialer: Another public service app, to curb the spread of drunk dialing

- MMS Buddy: Download MMS messages directly to your iPhone, right now!

- Sudoku Unlimited: One of the original, highest-rated, best-selling Sudoku apps on the iPhone!

- OmNomNom: Snake! On your iPhone!

Email ‘n Walk **As seen on the BBC** reviews

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Great concept…how about SMS? (by Jimmy Cudzilo)
This app is great for those multi taskers who just need to get that email sent but can’t take a break from whatever they are already doing. (Please don’t drive and email.)

I’d love to see this with SMS ability too!
Great (by Debra Sheridan)
It works really well and does exactly what it is supposed to do, but it would be FANTASTIC if you could also text.
Reply Butler 3.0 - Text Snippets for iPhone

Reply Butler 3.0 – Text Snippets for iPhone

by By Tommy Kammerer
89 Ratings
Reply Butler 3.0 - Text Snippets screenshot 1 Reply Butler 3.0 - Text Snippets screenshot 2 Reply Butler 3.0 - Text Snippets screenshot 3 Reply Butler 3.0 - Text Snippets screenshot 4 Reply Butler 3.0 - Text Snippets screenshot 5

Spend less time answering your emails, get ReplyButler! Define signatures and use them with your snippets to answer mails very fast.

This is how it works:
1. tap the reply button in your Mail App.
2. press the home button
3. start ReplyButler and choose your text clipping

You can add more text or even add another text snippet from the ReplyButler.

ReplyButler comes with a large number of text templates. Of course you can create your own, change or delete existing text snippets.

Reply Butler 3.0 – Text Snippets reviews

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mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push for iPhone

mBoxMail – Hotmail with Push for iPhone

by By mFluent, LLC
6844 Ratings
mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push screenshot 1 mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push screenshot 2 mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push screenshot 3 mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push screenshot 4 mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push screenshot 5

mBox Mail is a fast, full-featured Hotmail client for iPhone and iPod Touch.
It offers full access and control of your Windows Live Hotmail.
From folder management to Windows Live Contacts – all with a slick user interface, great performance, and unparalleled ease of use.

- Handles multiple Hotmail accounts
- New mail Push notifications
- Access Windows Live Contacts
- Move messages between folders
- Add, edit and delete folders
- Mail is kept in sync with the web including read/unread flags
- Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized use
- Message Search
- Support for large attachments
- Send and receive pictures
- Save pictures to photo album
- Embedded web browser
- Multiple language support
- Supports Windows Live custom domains

Find mBox Mail on the Web
Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest tips and updates!

Have you tried mBox Mail for iPad?

“Probably the best app I’ve purchased. If you have a Hotmail account, you owe it to yourself to buy this app.” – kderoos

“This is one of my several killer apps for the iPhone. Works great for windows live email which is what my college uses. So now I have access on my iPhone for my college email.” – ctt1wbw

“I love it ! It is so much easier now to check my e-mail” – ll Rich

mBoxMail – Hotmail with Push reviews

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Used to be great. Now crashes all the time! (by JenK26)
I’ve had this app for 2 years and used it daily. Loved it! Unfortunately in the last 2 months it has been crashing constantly upon startup or it just won’t refresh my inbox. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and that only fixed the problem for 3 days before it happened again. Even with the latest x.x.4 update it still crashes. Useless app now.
Nice Application (by Kirihimete)
So I read all the reviews and decided to bite the bullet and pay the cost for this application. While I do agree this application is a little costly I think it could be justified by the quality of the application versus most of the other hotmail applications I’ve tried or seen. This application is very UI rich with a similar look and feel to the Microsoft Exchange application for iPhone.

The response times are quick for incoming mail and all the primary features are available in a very nice view modal. My conclusion is although the price is a little high, it is a great application for hotmail on the go.
eMailGanizer - mail client for power email users for iPhone

eMailGanizer – mail client for power email users for iPhone

free app
by By GoodHumans
12 Ratings
eMailGanizer - mail client for power email users screenshot 1 eMailGanizer - mail client for power email users screenshot 2 eMailGanizer - mail client for power email users screenshot 3 eMailGanizer - mail client for power email users screenshot 4 eMailGanizer - mail client for power email users screenshot 5

Advanced email reader that helps you quickly act on and file your emails.

Do you use folders to save important emails?

Do you read email on your iPhone, but wait to act on it until you’re back at your desktop?

Do you wish you could add emails directly into your To-Do List or Calendar?

Then eMailGanizer is the email reader for you. It goes beyond the traditional model of reading your email on your phone and processing it later on your desktop. eMailGanizer helps you process your emails right on your iPhone. Whether you need to file an email, add it to your task manager, add it to your calendar, delete it, or archive it, eMailGanizer helps you deal with the email and be done with it.

eMailGanizer’s signature feature is its ability to file emails with just 2 taps, no matter how many folders you have. eMailGanizer does this using sophisticated technology that learns your prior filing behaviour so that it can present you with the you with folders most relevant to the email being filed. You can now stay organized quickly and easily by filing emails with a couple of taps.

Check out all the features below, and then get eMailGanized!

File emails in seconds
Batch file emails to different folders
Shake-to-undo previous filing action
Batch deletes and moves
Fast access to recently used folders
File to favorite folders instantly
Search for destination folders by name
Support for traditional ‘file by browsing’

Add emails as events to iPhone Calendar
Add emails as tasks directly into Toodledo
Add emails as tasks to GTD & To-Do Apps:
Firetask OmniFocus
Appigo Things

Add, move, rename, & delete email folders
Find folders by searching
Mark folders as Favorites for priority access
Quick scrolling through folder list
Off-line operation for later synchronization
Inboxes & contexts on separate tab

Offline full-text email search.
@Context folder awareness
Email threading with conversation view
Landscape support for all screens
Extensive configuration options

eMailGanizer stores all of your emails and account information on your phone. All email related communication is performed between your phone and your email account. eMailGanizer does NOT transmit any information or do any sort of processing on our own servers.

eMailGanizer requires an IMAP email account.
eMailGanizer does NOT work with Hotmail.
eMailGanizer does NOT work with Comcast.
eMailGanizer does NOT work with POP.

eMailGanizer WORKS with any IMAP account.
eMailGanizer WORKS with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL,
MobileMe, Rackspace, & most Exchange

Since eMailGanizer needs to learn your filing behaviours, the initial setup can take a while. An setup wizard will lead you through the process of entering your account information and the downloading will begin when that process is complete. For best results, you should be on a WiFi network.

Differences with pro version
This version of eMailGanizer shows advertisements and the pro version does not. The pro version shows bigger email previews and more folders on the screen at once.

You can upgrade to the Pro version from inside the app

eMailGanizer – mail client for power email users reviews

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Emailganizer (by Montyl32)
This program is worth way more than than what is charged. Really glad I found it.

Thanks a million!

No email print (by FL Gooch)
Worked OK as a simple email app, but has a non-intuitive UI and the auto-categorization of folders did not determine correct folders. BIGGEST drawback was lack of ability to print emails. Deleted the app.
iMailG - Gmail and Apps on the go for iPhone

iMailG – Gmail and Apps on the go for iPhone

free app
by By Idemfactor Solutions
21990 Ratings
iMailG - Gmail and Apps on the go screenshot 1 iMailG - Gmail and Apps on the go screenshot 2 iMailG - Gmail and Apps on the go screenshot 3 iMailG - Gmail and Apps on the go screenshot 4 iMailG - Gmail and Apps on the go screenshot 5

“Thank you for excellent service and a great program. I use it all day, every day. It is probably the most used app on my iphone, and when I do not read e-mail on the phone, the push sound allways let me know there is a new e-mail waiting in my inbox.” — Frode Strand

“Simply the best gmail client out there for iPhone. At first the interface look similar to gmail mobile version but once added with push notification, it manage to finally convince me to replace my blackberry with iPhone.”

“The push notification is actually faster than the gmail notifier on my computer! Super recommended!!”

“This is full-force mobile (or even Desktop) Gmail, with very reasonably-priced push support. This is an EXCELLENT app for any Gmail user! In fact, it’s the best Gmail app you’ll find in the iTunes store!”

**NOTE: This app is built for iPhone/iPod Touch only and it won’t work on iPad. Please ignore the compatibility text shown in itunes description as it’s inaccurate. We have been working on the iPad version intensively and will release it soon. Thank you for the support and we’re committed to make iMailG the perfect Gmail on iPhone. **

=== Product Description ===

Finally a fully functional Gmail app arrived on iPhone/iPod Touch – not only with the convenient mobile Gmail features like

* threads
* stars
* labels
* talk
* reader
* calendar
* tasks
* buzz
* docs
* news
* photos
* finance

but also a lot more extras: (some are subject to in-app purchases)

Super FAST Loading
Working offline
Amazing auto-zoom with retina display support
Instant PUSH notifications when new mails arrive (quiet time is configurable)
Pull-down to reload
Badge for unread mails
Search text in mail
Text snippets and signatures
Passcode protection
Customizable shortcuts for internal search and external link
Save images to iphone photo album by tap-and-hold on it
Convenient on-screen display(OSD) buttons for easy navigation
Select all mails with a shake gesture
Auto save draft against accidental quit
Custom Apps Domain Support
Smart rotation lock
Import/Export settings via clipboard

Don’t miss it if you are a true lover of Gmail and iPhone/iPod Touch.

iMailG – Gmail and Apps on the go reviews

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Just like web gMail and has chat and more (by RyanAggie)
Very well built app for gmail. It really turns the web version of gmail into a mobile version flawlessly. It has almost every feature that you have in your normal gMail. Also, since update I did on 6/15/11, the overlay buttons are now on bottom row of screen, eliminating the accidental tapping of buttons that used to lye in the middle of screen.
Decent App (by Mdmarshall75)
Not a bad app to track a second gmail account. Not nearly as good as the email app built into the phone though.