Are you looking for cool apps to discover music on your iPhone? You are at the right place at the right time :P, because it happens that I have an awesome app collection for that.

Discovering music on your phone can be a pain sometimes if you don’r have the right tools.

What apps do you use to discover music, and I do mean discover not listen music on iPhone? If you see I am missing any essential app please do let me know.

iPhone music apps – discovery

Pandora Radio for iPhone

Pandora Radio for iPhone

free app
by By Pandora Media, Inc.
581278 Ratings
Pandora Radio screenshot 1 Pandora Radio screenshot 2 Pandora Radio screenshot 3 Pandora Radio screenshot 4 Pandora Radio screenshot 5

Pandora Radio is your own free personalized radio now available to stream music on your iPhone or iPad. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.

Already a Pandora user? Even easier. Just log in. Pandora on the iPhone is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations – and create new ones right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Pandora Radio reviews

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Cut it out (by Joshua Auriemma)
Stop with the "minor fix" updates. We know you’re just tying to get a new set of ratings. At least specify what you’ve patched.
Almost the perfect music choice! (by Fourdafunofit)
I love this app and have been using it forever. Finally broke down when I was using it for a party because the commercials were killing the mood and thought I was gonna get ripped off. But that is the best $30 bucks ever because it seemed to expand all my stations to include newer music and the no commercials really makes a difference when you are in the middle of a workout or a house party. The only thing I would need to make it perfect is the ablitity to play the exact song you want when you create a station. Seems like if you put a specific song then it is purposefully pulled or put way back in the rotation for that station. It would also be cool if you could build a playlist inside of pandora of tagged songs. I use to use the free app to find music to download. If I could do this I would only use pandora anytime I had wifi or good signal syrength.
VEVO for iPhone

VEVO for iPhone

free app
by By VEVO
27275 Ratings
VEVO screenshot 1 VEVO screenshot 2 VEVO screenshot 3 VEVO screenshot 4 VEVO screenshot 5

Watch your favorite music videos wherever and whenever with VEVO for iPhone & iPod Touch.VEVO brings the music to you with this fun and easy-to-use iPhone & iPod Touch app. Discover, watch and share the latest music videos. Create playlists and be the first to see exclusive new video premieres.

Access VEVOs entire music video catalog 25,000 videos from more than 7,500 of your favorite artists
Features include: Exclusive Videos, Premieres, Top Charts, Top Playlists, Artists On Tour & VEVO Original Music Programming
Share any video easily with friends via Twitter, Facebook & Email
Purchase your favorite music from each video within the iTunes Store
Create & Save custom playlists for easy on-demand playback of your favorite videos
Have fun with music trivia before watching each video
Easily discover videos that are being watched in your location right now
Stay up-to-date with notifications & alerts about video premieres, events and original music programming

VEVO reviews

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A lot of buffering (by Blakacre)
It takes too long to watch music videos. The app needs to work quicker.
Cool (by Yoyoih)
Really cool – awesome quality – love that you can share on fb or twitter :)
TuneIn Radio Pro for iPhone

TuneIn Radio Pro for iPhone

by By Synsion Radio Technologies
16955 Ratings
TuneIn Radio Pro screenshot 1 TuneIn Radio Pro screenshot 2 TuneIn Radio Pro screenshot 3 TuneIn Radio Pro screenshot 4 TuneIn Radio Pro screenshot 5

Listen to and record over 50,000 radio stations including thousands of AM/FM local stations on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with TuneIn Radio!
With TuneIn Radio, you get more than just a list of stations. You get a radio guide that helps you find the shows and stations that matter to you.

Plus, with TuneIn Radio, you can pause and rewind live radio just like your DVR.

Play all stations, podcasts and recordings in the background on multitasking capable devices
Control audio playback with the built-in music controls, Apple headphone controls and most dock controls
Stream audio to an AirPlay compatible receiver (requires iOS 4.2)
Record any station for playback later (on demand or with record timer)
Alarm clock
Play MP3 and AAC stations in the background in Safari on non-multitasking capable devices
Extensive directory featuring 50,000+ radio stations and thousands of radio shows
Simple, quick, and easy-to-use interface
Browse or search for your favorite shows and find out what stations they’re currently available on
Browse local stations with GPS or Wi-Fi location
Search for stations by keyword
Browse stations by genre or location
Pause live streams for up to 30 minutes
Rewind and fast forward within last 30 minutes streamed
Listen to podcasts of radio shows when available
Save your favorite stations, songs, categories or shows to Presets
Sleep timer
Search for stations playing your favorite song or artist
Browse recommended stations based on music library

TuneIn Radio Pro reviews

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This is one of my most useful apps. EXCELLENT job! (by John LaTessa)
This is one of my absolute favorite apps. There is only one thing I could ask for that would make it better. I’d like to see a way to export my recordings. If there’s already a way to do this, I don’t see it. And if there isn’t, that is the one thing that would make this app perfection! With the iTunes File Sharing feature, it should be easy. Please make it happpen!
Excellent (by Praetorian269)
Only way to improve it would be to allow exporting of recorded shows.

Best radio app out there.

Love the updates guys. Great job!
iheartradio for iPhone

iheartradio for iPhone

free app
by By Clear Channel Management Services, LP
148682 Ratings
iheartradio screenshot 1 iheartradio screenshot 2 iheartradio screenshot 3 iheartradio screenshot 4 iheartradio screenshot 5

iheartradio delivers over 750 of Americas favorite radio stations right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Bookmark your favorite stations, tag songs for purchase on iTunes and view lyrics to your favorite songs. iheartradio also features the best selection of exclusive digital stations including Slow Jams, White House Brief, erockster, Pride Radio, Smooth Jazz, AT40 with Ryan Seacrest and some of the top talk stations in the country featuring Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura and many others. All stations are streamed in Apples high-quality AAC format for a superior listening experience.

iheartradio reviews

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good app until now. (by Jeferson Scheidemandel)
This last update just added advertisements to this otherwise good app.
Disapointed (by wap15)
Updated it yesterday and now today the new stations that I got are all gone.
Wunder Radio for iPhone

Wunder Radio for iPhone

by By Weather Underground
6791 Ratings
Wunder Radio screenshot 1 Wunder Radio screenshot 2 Wunder Radio screenshot 3 Wunder Radio screenshot 4 Wunder Radio screenshot 5

-With the ability to stream over 50,000 Internet radio stations and other audio streams on your iPhone or iPod touch, WunderRadio is the only radio application you will ever need. Listen to your favorite station from back home, catch up with talk about your favorite team or listen to a wide choice of on-demand content.

The reason that WunderRadio provides you with more coverage than other radio apps is that it supports multiple formats including mms, ASX, M3U, PLS so we can provide you with access to radio stations and networks across the world including BBC, Bloomberg, XM, Sirius and many others

You can now listen to MP3 and AAC streams in the background of your device while using other applications.
underRadio has been given a rating of 17+ because of the web browser – not as a result of any content directly supplied from our station directory.

– to parents –
if you turn off safari in the parental controls, this app will also turn off the safari tab.

Wunder Radio reviews

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Use it all the time to listen to Indian music online (Tamil)
Best app ever made (by Visual Journey)
Holly bread batman this is the best app every conceived and it puts all other music apps to shame!!!
Rdio for iPhone

Rdio for iPhone

free app
by By Rdio
2207 Ratings
Rdio screenshot 1 Rdio screenshot 2 Rdio screenshot 3 Rdio screenshot 4 Rdio screenshot 5

Rdio is a new social music service on the web, iPhone and iPod touch. Follow your friends and other people with great musical taste, and find new music to listen to. Play any of our 8 million+ songs as much as you like, make your own playlists, and collaborate with friends on theirs. Search and find any song, album or artist, and start listening immediately.

Sync songs, albums and playlists to your iPhone or iPod touch and listen even when you’re offline.

- Carry your collection in your pocket.

- Sync music to your iPhone or iPod touch.

- Build unlimited playlists.

- Search the entire Rdio catalog.

Rdio is a subscription music service. Sign up on www.rdio.com.

Rdio reviews

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fantastic (by MIRON COSTANT)
Love this app!!! Changed the way I listen and discover music
Awesomeeee! (by Girrrrrrr rules)
This music downloading app is the best app ever!! Songs I want I can just add to my playlist!!
Slacker Radio for iPhone

Slacker Radio for iPhone

free app
by By Slacker, Inc.
58605 Ratings
Slacker Radio screenshot 1 Slacker Radio screenshot 2 Slacker Radio screenshot 3 Slacker Radio screenshot 4 Slacker Radio screenshot 5

Listen to free personalized radio on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The award-winning Slacker Radio App has been completely redesigned specifically for the iPad, while the iPhone and iPod touch receive brand new features. This app gives you access to the entire Slacker music library featuring millions of songs from thousands of artists. Listen to over 150 expert-programmed radio stations or create your own custom stations. With a Slacker Radio Plus or Slacker Premium Radio subscription, you can store your favorite Slacker stations on your device and listen even when you dont have a wireless or Wi-Fi connection! Listen to over 150 expert-programmed genre stations
Create custom stations with your favorite artists and songs
Play songs, albums and artists on demand and listen without a connection

Slacker Radio reviews

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Was such a great app, then they updated (by NCGuy28)
Now quite buggy, especially with cashed content. This is exactly why I pay for Slacker. It now plays cashed content in the same order every time. It also resumes cashed play at the beginning every time. So, if you really love that first song, you’re in luck!

I may be canceling my subscription. It’s a shame.
Buggy cached updates, highly repetitive, and gets stuck on pause (by iPhonerarooni)
I’m a premium subcriber and generally like the app but it has some serious problems and I may not renew my subscription. Namely, it often won’t update cached stations, even a week after they’ve been updated. (I’ve contacted customer support and they are clueless). It’s also incredibly repetitive, particularly on the comedy channels. It keeps playing the same routines over and over again. Finally, it often won’t resume a piece after a pause, so you have to miss the rest and skip to the next song. There are some serious bugs going on here…