There is a new Mahjong app in the Apple Store and this one looks pretty cool. I like a lot the design and with FREE price tag, I think it’s one of the games you should definitely try.

Here is what they say about the game:

Why is So Chic Mahjong different ?

First, it is handsome and humble, like me (laughs). Seriously, I defined 3 requirements.

- Very neat graphics.
When you hope a player to spend hours on a game, you must provide a legible image, relaxing colors, soft shadows.
The iPhone/iPad screens are tactile, so I wanted to add materials you want to touch, like jade, gold, wood, leaves.

- An uncompromising gameplay.
The 60 layouts in So Chic Mahjong are made of 144 tiles, like the traditional mahjong, but the forms have been adapted to maximize the size of the tiles. They are easy to indentify and click.

- Free.
Having fun is a basic need, which everyone deserves. That’s why So Chic Mahjong is free. No lite version, no payable content.

What about So Chic Mahjong compatibility ?

It is optimized for iPhone, iPhone Retina and iPad.
It runs on all IOS from 3.2, iPad and iPad2 and all iPhone models from 3G.
I could not test the older ones, but it is free, so you can try.