If you feel guilty for buying such and expensive mobile which has a big carbon footprint, maybe some green living iPhone apps will ease your conscience. I look trough the most popular iPhone applications for some that have go green tips or that answer to these questions: how to be environmentally friendly, how to be eco friendly, how to go green.

In my top best iphone apps 2011 for a eco life got the follwing apps:

Green iPhone apps

Recycle Me for iPhone

Recycle Me for iPhone

by By Onde M
109 Ratings
Recycle Me screenshot 1 Recycle Me screenshot 2 Recycle Me screenshot 3 Recycle Me screenshot 4 Recycle Me screenshot 5

We need your help to recycle tons of waste !

“Recycle Me” is a fun game to test your reflexes about recycling.
You have to separate nine kind of wastes, simple household wastes, electronic devices without forgetting glass, plastic, paper, batteries and alminium.

At begin it’s simple, tilt your iPhone to drive the first selector, use the slider to drive the following selectors. At the end, you need to be fully focused on large amount of waste you need to manage.

The best among you, can put its score online.

Never forget that good recycling, is just a matter of good reflex !
If you can do it on iPhone……you can do it in real life./p>

Recycle Me reviews

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drummerben04 (by William Kleschinsky)
I got this app when it was free and it is awsome. It really makes me feel green
Cool app (by musicman3434343434343433)
Pretty cool
Our Choice for iPhone

Our Choice for iPhone

by By Push Pop Press, Inc.
517 Ratings
Our Choice screenshot 1 Our Choice screenshot 2 Our Choice screenshot 3 Our Choice screenshot 4 Our Choice screenshot 5

Al Gore’s Our Choice will change the way we read books. And quite possibly change the world. In this interactive app, Al Gore surveys the causes of global warming and presents groundbreaking insights and solutions already under study and underway that can help stop the unfolding disaster of global warming.

Our Choice melds the vice president’s narrative with photography, interactive graphics, animations, and more than an hour of engrossing documentary footage. A new, groundbreaking interface allows you to experience that content seamlessly. Pick up and explore anything you see in the book; zoom out to the visual table of contents and quickly browse though the chapters; reach in and explore data-rich interactive graphics.

100% of Al Gore’s earnings from Our Choice will be donated to the nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection.

Our Choice reviews

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Great Packaging, Incomplete Message (by Chad Wisler)
The interactivity and graphical presentation is fantastic.

Unfortunately, many of the graphics are a misrepresentation of ‘global warming / climate change’.
For example, the cooling tower assemble are presented as a produced of CO2, off-gassing, but in reality the plumes presented as condensate vapor.

Additionally, a photograph of President Bush and the King of Saudi under the premise of ‘political’ views is misleading and takes away from the over-arching issues of climate change and turn the presentation materials into a political issue, thus reducing its overall effectiveness in education and awareness. A photograph of President Obama and the King of Saudi Arabia (or preferably both photos) could just as easily been presented.

Lastly, to gain perspective, a balance of the advantages of each CO2 mitigation measure / alternative energy approach should be have been presented identification the ‘issues’ with each approach. By identifying the real-world issues with each alternative, greater validity, education, and awareness would be achieved by the readers.

WARNING: App is incomplete: requires WiFi to complete (by lisowskiw)
I purchased the app on my Mac, sync’ed it to my iPad, checked out a few pages, left the app, went into Airplane Mode to save battery life. When I returned to the app, only the first chapters were available – it nagged me to turn on WiFi to download the rest. Unfortunately, at that point I was away from WiFi.

Nowhere in the App Store description, nowhere in the app instructions at the start of the app, nowhere on the developer’s web site. App is 58meg to start with, that’s why I bought it on my Mac.

Poor form from the developer.
GoodGuide for iPhone

GoodGuide for iPhone

free app
by By GoodGuide, Inc.
11320 Ratings
GoodGuide screenshot 1 GoodGuide screenshot 2 GoodGuide screenshot 3 GoodGuide screenshot 4

The GoodGuide app helps you find safe, healthy, and sustainable products while you shop. You can browse, search or simply scan a barcode to see detailed ratings for health, environment and social responsibility for more than 70,000 products and companies. GoodGuide provides this information about personal care, household chemical, toy, food and paper products for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. GoodGuide is adding thousands of products every month. By making information about consumer products transparent, GoodGuides goal is to help people shop smarter and to motivate companies to offer even better products.

GoodGuide reviews

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Good app, full of crashes (by Ljbauer)
This app rocks. Even though it crashes all the time it’s worth it! Give it time and they will work out the bugs.
Good App (by Alton Jones)
Love It
Seafood Watch for iPhone

Seafood Watch for iPhone

free app
by By Monterey Bay Aquarium
6510 Ratings
Seafood Watch screenshot 1 Seafood Watch screenshot 2 Seafood Watch screenshot 3 Seafood Watch screenshot 4 Seafood Watch screenshot 5

Seafood Watch recommendations help you choose ocean-friendly seafood at your favorite restaurants and stores. Our app brings you the most current recommendations for seafood and sushi along with complete information about how each item is fished or farmed. Our new Project FishMap feature lets you contribute to the app, adding the names of restaurants and stores where you’ve found sustainable seafood and locating what other users have found at businesses near you.

Provides free, up-to-date recommendations at your fingertips with detailed seafood information
Uses your phones GPS to load the right regional guide for your location
Enables you to search for seafood quickly and easily by common market name
Allows you to sort seafood by “Best Choice,” “Good Alternative” or “Avoid” rankings
Sushi guide lists fish by Japanese name as well as common market name
Provides alternatives to seafood on the Avoid list
New Project FishMap feature lets you contribute to the app by adding the names of restaurants and stores where you’ve found ocean-friendly seafood and locate businesses where others have found sustainable seafood
Highlights our list of Super Green seafood thats good for you and the oceans

Seafood Watch reviews

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A+ (by skolie)
a great guide to understanding a complex & ever changing scenario.
Great! (by Gg20)
Sooooo much better than the paper list! Very useful. I didn’t realize how much damage eating tiger prawns was causing. Thank u!
Greentech Media for iPhone

Greentech Media for iPhone

free app
by By Greentech Media Inc.
7 Ratings
Greentech Media screenshot 1 Greentech Media screenshot 2 Greentech Media screenshot 3

Greentech Media’s iPhone app allows you to take news and research from the fast-paced green and clean technology world with you.

- Read all of the latest news from the Greentech Media homepage
- Organize content by subject interest
- Find our latest research reports
- Share articles with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
- Email articles to your contacts
- Comment on the articles through the app

Greentech Media reviews

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Perfect (by Jolon Timms)
Looking for the future? Get the app.
CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator for iPhone

CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator for iPhone

by By Yuan Ventures
8 Ratings
CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator screenshot 1 CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator screenshot 2 CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator screenshot 3

The calculator is designed to instantly give you an estimated annual cost savings based on the average kilowatts per hour your state charges.

To use our CFL Savings Calculator, simply select three values from the picker list.
1. Your location (if you are outside the United States, please select “Custom Location”).
2. Number of light bulbs you would like to convert.
3. Wattage of the current light bulbs you are changing out.

Your Done!

Our calculator will instantly give you an estimated annual cost savings based on the average kilowatts per hour your state charges.

For Users Outside of the United States:
Please select “Custom Location” from the front picker list then click on the little “i” icon at the bottom right of the screen to go to the back side of the calculator. Here, you will need to enter the cost of an average kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity in the location where you reside (this data should be available in your monthly utility bill.) Then, click “Done” at the top of the screen and your calculated savings will be displayed accordingly.

CFL Light Bulb Savings Calculator reviews

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Green Genie for iPhone

Green Genie for iPhone

166 Ratings
Green Genie screenshot 1 Green Genie screenshot 2 Green Genie screenshot 3 Green Genie screenshot 4 Green Genie screenshot 5

- NEW FEATURE: Integration with the Green Genie Global Community Facebook page: learn and share ideas with others around the world.

- Over 100 projects and tips (and growing), each one telling you the environmental benefits AND how much money it will SAVE you.

- Share strategies and info with others, or email info to yourself.

- Links to various carbon footprint calculators (rub the lamp to go there!)

- A breakdown of certified green products

- A full glossary of green terms

- A collection of essential reading

- Links to the best green websites (just rub the lamp!)

- An explanation of the different kinds of plastics and their recyclability

- A list of green organizations

- An open-source user submission tool for submitting ideas, projects and resources to the Green Genie

- Every single green project and resource has a link to more info on web. Weve tracked down the info and brought it to you. Rub the lamp and the Genie will take you there…

The Genie has also sorted the projects for you to make it easy to find the ones that fit your lifestyle and budget. And when you rub the Genie’s lamp, you will be transported to a specifically selected website for more detailed information on each project.

Green Genie reviews

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Most green for your buck (by gottasurf)
I’ve downloaded a bunch of green apps and this one is easily the best. It’s packed with a huge amount of info I like the new update that allows you to share the strategies with others CIA Facebook. easily worth a buck.
Green News - Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views for iPhone
Green News - Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views screenshot 1 Green News - Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views screenshot 2 Green News - Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views screenshot 3 Green News - Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views screenshot 4 Green News - Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views screenshot 5

THE very best sources on all aspects of environmental news, green blogs and views as well as sustainable living tips, tricks, news and views.

The greenest way to keep up with environmental news on your battery powered device? OK, it’s not a wind up radio (there’s not yet an app for them…) but it’s not paper either!

Green News – Environment, Sustainability and Green Issues News & Views reviews

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Light Bulb Finder for iPhone

Light Bulb Finder for iPhone

free app
by By Eco Hatchery
28 Ratings
Light Bulb Finder screenshot 1 Light Bulb Finder screenshot 2 Light Bulb Finder screenshot 3 Light Bulb Finder screenshot 4 Light Bulb Finder screenshot 5

The LIGHT BULB FINDER app is a free mobile application that makes it easy to find the right energy-saving light bulbs for your home. Choose which bulbs to replace based on financial payback and environmental impact. Order bulbs directly from your mobile phone or purchase at local retailers.

Light Bulb Finder reviews

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Need More Bulb Options (by StormeSixx)
We still have light fixtures that use halogen and we’ve been trying to find replacements but to no avail. Thought this app would help but halogen isn’t even an option. Pity. It had lots of promise …
This app is amazing! (by Melissa Bailey)
This app is amazing. It does just what it says it will do. I now have my shopping list in order of highest savings so I can slowly transition from the old to new.
Paperless: Lists + Checklists for iPhone

Paperless: Lists + Checklists for iPhone

by By Crush Apps
216 Ratings
Paperless: Lists + Checklists screenshot 1 Paperless: Lists + Checklists screenshot 2 Paperless: Lists + Checklists screenshot 3 Paperless: Lists + Checklists screenshot 4 Paperless: Lists + Checklists screenshot 5

Get the app that Macworld says “deserves a spot on your iPhone”!

Paperless is a simple but powerful app for making lists. Use it to create to do lists, make grocery lists, take notes, write an outline of a story, prepare notes for a presentation, make a list of gift ideas, plan a vacation… or anything else you’d want to make a list for.

Assign a fun sticker icon to each of your lists, there are over 300 to choose from. All icons are beautifully rendered in high resolution on the iPhone 4′s amazing retina display. In addition, there are 5 overall app design themes to choose from.

Paperless was built with the user in mind and has a clean, elegant and quick to use interface. Also, each list can either be a checklist or a regular list without checkboxes, making a wide variety of uses possible.

For checklists and todo lists, many people prefer using Paperless over traditional “getting things done” apps – or, they use it in addition to one. With Paperless, there are no due dates or priority settings, so you’re left to focus on the actual tasks at hand, rather than waste time changing those settings when your priorities change. Instead, if a particular task becomes important, you can simply move it to the top of the list.

Paperless: Lists + Checklists reviews

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Best List app in the app store (by Bryson Holland)
The only list app I’ve come across that lets me duplicate lists. I can create a template list for all the common things I always buy at the store, and duplicate it every week when I go grocery shopping so I only have to add one or two new things to the list instead of retyping it every time.

Awesome UI, awesome workflow, very intuitive. Not bloated full of useless cruft features. The power of this app really is in its simplicity, its straightforward functionality. Best list-making app there is. Worth the price twice.

Updated review for 1.4: still awesome, still the best, and added some killer new features. Read-only settings, link detection, more icons, completed-on dares for checklist items…please sir may I have another.
Thanks! (by HLKCO)
What a wonderful update! I love the new adding feature. It makes adding items so much faster. Jim Rhoades is great! I contacted him a couple weeks ago. He was very quick to reply. I actually got a very first glimpse at the new adding feature. Now it’s here! I appreciate all the work you have done.
- Will N