I previoulsy made a top racing games for iPhone and now I am back with other cool iPhone apps that will make you phone feel like a car :D.

The iPhone and iPod Touch have turned in to major gaming platforms, and thanks to its tilt sensor and touchscreen, it can be used as a fun way to control racing games.

Racing games have long been one of the most successful genres for the iPhone. The motion of tilting the device left and right makes for a great simulation of a steering wheel.

Best racing games for iPhone and iPod Touch

Biker Blast-Off! for iPhone

Biker Blast-Off! for iPhone

free app
by By North One Television
66259 Ratings
Biker Blast-Off! screenshot 1 Biker Blast-Off! screenshot 2 Biker Blast-Off! screenshot 3 Biker Blast-Off! screenshot 4 Biker Blast-Off! screenshot 5

Suzi Perry’s Biker Blast-Off! is a full-throttle bike jumping game where youll need to use every trick on your iPod/iPhone to achieve a record breaking jump!


Designed in collaboration with Suzi Perry; the design, coding and distribution of this app was part of a challenge that was featured on UK TV Show ‘The Gadget Show. (Monday Nights, 8pm, FIVE).

Find out more about the show and catch up:


- Shake to start your engine
- Rub to build up speed
- Tap to activate your rocket boosters (!)
- Tilt to land safely

If youve got fast fingers and a steady hand, you could even achieve a record-breaking distance to send to your friends or share with the world!

Biker Blast-Off! reviews

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Awful (by Auzfaceinurface)
horrible (by McLovin)
Crash!! The most stupid race for iPhone

Crash!! The most stupid race for iPhone

by By StormBASIC Games
2836 Ratings
Crash!! The most stupid race screenshot 1 Crash!! The most stupid race screenshot 2 Crash!! The most stupid race screenshot 3 Crash!! The most stupid race screenshot 4 Crash!! The most stupid race screenshot 5

Enjoy this incredibly simple, yet super addictive and funny app for IPHONE AND IPAD!
John Smith, the craziest man on Earth, has a new challenge.
Help him with the stupid race! Like a Human Puzzle, he has to fit through the holes in the walls!
Also you can compare your scores with friends and others on the global scoreboard!

Also, don’t miss 3,2,1…SuperCrash!, the most expected game of 2011, now at reduced price.

Crash!! The most stupid race reviews

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Haha! (by ZeroBabii)
Awesome (by r.o.o.t.s.)
Endless Racing Game for iPhone

Endless Racing Game for iPhone

free app
by By Novocortex
16007 Ratings
Endless Racing Game screenshot 1 Endless Racing Game screenshot 2 Endless Racing Game screenshot 3 Endless Racing Game screenshot 4 Endless Racing Game screenshot 5

Objective: drive your car to the finish in 60 seconds in order to jump to the next level. Improvements in the new version: we have added the High Score registration and 5 new levels (they can be unlocked via a $0.99 in-app purchase).

The Endless Racing Game is the first multiplayer racing game, where the game action moves from one iPhone to another. Endlessly (or as long as you wish to play).

The Endless Racing Game has achieved the 1st place in the Racing Games category on AppStore in 37 countries (among others: Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, Austria, New Zealand). Endless had the number 1 spot in the Free Games category in 13 countries (such as Russia, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Saudi Arabia).

Features of the Endless Racing Game in the SINGLE-PLAYER mode (you play on the single iPhone):
- Use the Gas and Stop buttons to accelerate and brake.
- Steer the car by moving your iPhone to the sides (the game uses the iPhone accelerometer).
- Avoid obstacles and enemies on the road.
- When you reach the finish within 60 seconds, your car jumps to the next level. And the race goes on.

Endless Racing Game reviews

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Fun (by Dfhdefd5)
I hate this app (by Former Texan)
Waterslide Extreme for iPhone

Waterslide Extreme for iPhone

free app
by By Dare Digital Ltd
352885 Ratings
Waterslide Extreme screenshot 1 Waterslide Extreme screenshot 2 Waterslide Extreme screenshot 3 Waterslide Extreme screenshot 4 Waterslide Extreme screenshot 5

Feel the speed as you negotiate your way down the serious twists and turns of a massive waterslide in this unique racing game brought to you by Barclaycard. Nine stages await you, as you race against the clock picking up as many points as you can.

Glide through cool modern cityscapes and ride the skies as day moves into night. Twist and tilt your way round tight corners and huge loops, following the natural velocity of the slide. The faster you go the more points you win.

But watch out, the edges are steep and there are some little surprises along the way.

Key features
Speed through 3D cityscape backgrounds
Watch day turn to night through the 9 different levels
Ride the slide in 1st or 3rd person view, or choose a male or female character

Waterslide Extreme reviews

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Good stuff (by Goraiders02)
Awsome (by Nemmei16)
Alpine Crawler for iPhone

Alpine Crawler for iPhone

free app
by By 3D Magic Kft.
53512 Ratings
Alpine Crawler screenshot 1 Alpine Crawler screenshot 2 Alpine Crawler screenshot 3 Alpine Crawler screenshot 4

Alpine Crawler is a cross country vehicle simulator.
You can prove your skills and bravery on the mountainsides of the Alps with a strong rear wheel drive SUV.

Your car can be damaged and your driver hurt, if you are not carefully. If your health bar reaches zero, you lose the race on that level.

You can control your car’s speed with the gas and brake pedals and you can move forward or backward.

Pay attention that your car doesn’t roll over or get stuck.


- 6 challenging levels with increasing difficulty
- 4 languages (Hungarian, English, German, French)
- Real time physics and damages
- Unique gameplay
- optimized for iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 3rd gen (smooth gameplay at 60fps)


Alpine Crawler reviews

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N (by Alfredo Stroman)
It’s ok (by Mike0110)