Big poker player? Do you own an iPhone? Well, I’m sure you will like the apps below. These are the best iPhone apps for poker players.

Since you need an account for each, I would suggest reading carefully the details and see which one you like most and then pick the best one for you.

If you know any other good poker iPhone apps please let me know in the comment section below.
Texas Hold'em for iPhone

Texas Hold’em for iPhone

by By Apple
14665 Ratings
Texas Hold'em screenshot 1 Texas Hold'em screenshot 2 Texas Hold'em screenshot 3 Texas Hold'em screenshot 4 Texas Hold'em screenshot 5

Play like a pro against realistic opponents or with your friends over a Wi-Fi Network. Use all of the hints, tips, tells, and your mastery to gain access to exclusive rooms with higher-stakes and even bigger rewards!


- Switch between immersive first-person and top-down gameplay by rotating your iPhone or iPod touch
- Visually stunning graphics and realistic sound effects
- Opponents bet, bluff, and have secret tells
- In-game hints, tips, statistics, and player ratings
- Wi-Fi Multiplayer support for up to 9 players
- Use one or two-finger gestures to emote

Texas Hold’em reviews

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Needs independent AI’s (by Henry Maguire)
Fun as a diversion, and the interface, graphics, sound, etc. are some of the nicest of any of the game apps…. BUT a poker game is really about the poker, right? A good poker game will run a game engine independently of the computer generated character’s AI’s. In other words, it should run the game based on whatever random chance / calculations of what’s left in a deck program it uses, and the computer generated player’s AI should run completely independent of that, with basic logic programs that allow them to choose to play a hand, fold, bluff, whatever.However in this app, the game engine and the CGP’s AI are clearly the same thing, working in conjunction with one another. This means you’ll often see stupid hands like this: You have two aces. You play the hand. One guy goes all in before the first common card is dealt. The five dealt play out as an Ace, a 10, an 8, a 2, and a 7. You’re feeling good because you have three aces. But the guy who followed you in wins it with a straight, since he had a six and a nine. Now who goes all in before the first common card is dealt with a six and a nine of different suits? And who then wins with a straight? In my neck of the woods both the guy and the dealer would get shot… Clearly the computer generated players in the game "know" the cards that will be dealt. It makes for some pretty boring play. Stupid hands like the one I described, bizarre decisions like raising until they have only five hundred dollars in chips left from a pile of four thousand, and suddenly folding, etc. etc… poker games with independent AI are so much better, because then the players are actually playing to the best of their programming based only on the limited information they are receiving… just like you…
Insulting, Unrealistic (but pretty) (by alwynus)
This game is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who actually plays poker. Without seeing play after my fold, it is impossible to learn anything about the players. Things like play after the fold, speed of play, and many others, should be controllable in the preferences.Yes, the graphics are excellent, but it takes more than eye candy to make good game play. The format is artificial and completely unrealistic (unless you play in the Poker SuperStars tournament on television, which is by invitation only). Please – give us some real Hold Em!!UPDATE: After seventy-five games, it is clear that the AI players are too few, with even fewer different playing patterns. It also seems likely that the game changes "luck" or the odds of a given card falling as the level increases. That is totally unrealistic, it’s lazy programming, and it makes the game suitable for kids but not adults.MAJOR REVISIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!! First, get the rules right: the minimum bet should be doubled on the last two rounds. Second, make it easier to see both cards in the winning player’s hand, even if one is out of play. Third, dump the aritificial format, have more and better AI players, give us a chance to see all the play. Have larger tournaments as the level increases. Last but certainly not least, make the multi-player version just like single-player except with more humans.
Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) for iPhone

Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) for iPhone

free app
by By Combay Inc.
30264 Ratings
Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) screenshot 1 Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) screenshot 2 Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) screenshot 3 Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) screenshot 4 Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) screenshot 5

MegaPoker Online is a MULTIPLAYER ONLINE Texas Hold’em game for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game lets you play live poker with real, living, breathing people across the net via 3G/WiFi/EDGE. It supports sit and go poker types.

Join your friends and family to go against thousands of other players around the world. Watch the pros, or join and play with them if you think you are good enough.

LITE EDITION: 0K Bonus; 1000 (*daily)
MINI EDITION: 10K Bonus; 1500×3 (*daily)
20K EDITION: 20K Bonus;2000×5 (*daily)
75K EDITION: 75K Bonus;3000×5 (*daily)
*daily chips will only be added when account is running low.


- CHAT with your friends and family around the world in any international languages (General > Keyboard Setting).

- Provides three different types of hold’em games: No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit.

- Supports up to 10 players per table.

- Maintains ratings and levels to help you improve your game.

- Lets you manage your account or change settings during the game.

- Allows you to add your money while in game (when fold or sit out).

(Please, give us a chance to improve…)

Mega Poker Online Texas Holdem (Lite Edition) reviews

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Tables (by Oreojr)
You should add a heads up tables and tournement tables other wise great app
bugs! freezes and now I cant see my cards! (by 305condos.com)
no answer from them.
Zynga Poker for iPhone

Zynga Poker for iPhone

free app
by By Zynga
123474 Ratings
Zynga Poker screenshot 1 Zynga Poker screenshot 2 Zynga Poker screenshot 3 Zynga Poker screenshot 4

Live Poker FREE by Zynga is now Zynga Poker!

Join the #1 Texas Hold Em Poker game on Facebook and play Zynga Poker LIVE against 6 million daily users! Theres always a table waiting for you in this exciting Texas Hold em Poker game. Choose from a 5 or 9 person poker table or jump right into a tournament! Easy for beginners to learn and tough for competitive poker players to put down!

- Zynga Pokers new lobby now with easy access to Fast Play, Sit-N-Go Tournaments, and Hold em Poker Tables
-Send and receive FREE poker chip gifts, worth up to 1 million poker chips each!
-Check out friends Zynga Poker stats with one click on the new Leaderboard

- Play Zynga Poker LIVE against your friends or over 6 million daily Facebook players
- Compete over 3G Network or WIFI
- Locate your online friends and join them at their poker table with a simple click of a button
- Chat with others at your poker table or celebrate a great hand by buying a round of drinks for everyone
- Choose from 5 or 9 person tables and change tables with ease
- Invite your friends to join you
- Free 10,000 chips with download
- Receive up to 1 million free chips in Zynga Pokers Daily Lottery
- Send and receive free chip gifts!

-Compete in Zynga Pokers convenient sit-and-go style of tournament play
-1st place wins 50% of total chip buy-in, 2nd place wins 30%, and 3rd place wins 20%

iOS 4 Support
-Now with multi-tasking
-Redesigned Zynga Poker lobby with retina display!

A Facebook account is required to play Zynga Poker. Creating a Facebook account is free. Zynga Poker will not post or access your Facebook feeds.

Play along online at Facebook at: http://www.zyngapoker.com

Zynga Inc. is the worlds largest social game developer with more than 295 million monthly active users playing their games. Zyngas games include FarmVille, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker, Caf World, Words With Friends and CityVille.

Please note: If you having problems merging a Zynga account with a new Facebook account, contact Customer Service. http://zynga.custhelp.com/app/ask

Please share feedback and suggestions on our forum: http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?t=822176-

Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available in the Application License Agreement below as well as at www.zynga.com. Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

Zynga Poker reviews

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Zynga (by Smtigar9)
Love playing zynga poker
Awesome!! (by Nguyen, Judy)
Fun to play especially on the go.
THTouch - Texas Holdem Poker for iPhone

THTouch – Texas Holdem Poker for iPhone

by By Pit Garbe
1761 Ratings
THTouch - Texas Holdem Poker screenshot 1 THTouch - Texas Holdem Poker screenshot 2 THTouch - Texas Holdem Poker screenshot 3 THTouch - Texas Holdem Poker screenshot 4 THTouch - Texas Holdem Poker screenshot 5

THTouch brings the joy of Texas Hold’em Poker to your iPhone and iPod touch.

It gives you a clever interface that never obscures the view at any of the facts on the table and is incredibly easy to use.

With the unique wheel-like finger interface that always shows you a context sensitive amount of options to select from with a single swipe to the appropriate direction you’ll learn to play the game blindly in a matter of just a few minutes.

Don’t let those AI players fool you. You can beat them :)


play against up to 9 computer controlled players
swipe your way to the golden poker chip
bets are made in a most natural way, by actually building stacks of chips (again, using easy swipes or simple taps)
look up the winning order of hands at any time
resume your game at any time (autosaving))
enjoy awesome graphics and animations
get a hint of your own chances to win a hand

(The selection of the games language is automatically made based on your iPhone or iPod language settings. Many more languages to come.)

Please, read about details and instructions on the games webpage.
I assume you already know the rules of Poker Texas Hold em style.



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21 Oct 2008: http://apfelblog.ch/iphone/thtouch-gibt-es-jetzt-auch-im-app-store (German)


If you wish to, please contact me via email, using the address on my website. Thank you!

THTouch – Texas Holdem Poker reviews

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Buy it (by bdawg923)
Great interface, unique controls, low price. A must buy for poker fans.

For people who don’t know how to use it: swipe up is bet. Swipe right to call. Swipe down to fold. Swipe left to deal. Double tap anywhere to check. When you want to bet, swipe up on the chip image on the right to confirm.
Very, very slick (by ardee00)
This is a VERY impressive piece of UI programming. Extremely slick, smooth, and elegant. And it plays quite reasonable poker, too. This great application is WAY more than one might expect for ninety-nine cents and a must-have if you like tournament no-limit hold’em. I almost hate to say anything negative, as you REALLY should buy this, but it would be nice if you could customize the playing styles of the computer opponents. They all play quite well but rarely seem to bluff or play loose; the ability to loosen one of them up and/or make him/her more aggressive would be a fun twist (within reason). But as it stands, this app rates a 99.5 out of 100 for its stability, gameplay, user interface, and value!