One must have folder on your iPhone should be a a folder full with music apps. Now… there are a lot of cool apps out there but not all of them a good. IMHO the ones below are the iPhone best apps to listen music.

Also please note that there are other “music apps” as well, but there might not be for listening music on your iPhone/ iPod Touch but to either recognize songs (Like Shazam and SounHound ) or to make music.

Do you think there is any better music app for iPhone? Let us know in the comments

Best iPhone music apps:

Last.fm for iPhone

Last.fm for iPhone

free app
by By Last.fm
52766 Ratings
Last.fm screenshot 1 Last.fm screenshot 2 Last.fm screenshot 3 Last.fm screenshot 4 Last.fm screenshot 5

Get Last.fm everywhere you go.

Use Last.fm to track the music you and your friends have been playing. Get music recommendations wherever you are based on the music you’re listening to.

From new releases to events near you, Last.fm does more with the music you listen to than anyone else. Not only that, but you can search for information about music and concerts at the tap of a button.

Last.fm subscribers can also use the app to listen to music recommendations with Last.fm radio, offering personalised stations based on the music they play.

Last.fm reviews

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Wow… (by La Bob17)
I’ve had this app for almost a year, used it every day, loved it! Now, I have to pay to listen?! Deleting it today…disappointed.
Deleted (by Steve Diddle)
I wonder how many one star reviews last.fm needs to figure out that charging a subscription fee for something that has been free for years was a bad move.

App deleted.
Pandora Radio for iPhone

Pandora Radio for iPhone

free app
by By Pandora Media, Inc.
580725 Ratings
Pandora Radio screenshot 1 Pandora Radio screenshot 2 Pandora Radio screenshot 3 Pandora Radio screenshot 4 Pandora Radio screenshot 5

Pandora Radio is your own free personalized radio now available to stream music on your iPhone or iPad. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.

Already a Pandora user? Even easier. Just log in. Pandora on the iPhone is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations – and create new ones right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Pandora Radio reviews

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Cut it out (by Joshua Auriemma)
Stop with the "minor fix" updates. We know you’re just tying to get a new set of ratings. At least specify what you’ve patched.
Almost the perfect music choice! (by Fourdafunofit)
I love this app and have been using it forever. Finally broke down when I was using it for a party because the commercials were killing the mood and thought I was gonna get ripped off. But that is the best $30 bucks ever because it seemed to expand all my stations to include newer music and the no commercials really makes a difference when you are in the middle of a workout or a house party. The only thing I would need to make it perfect is the ablitity to play the exact song you want when you create a station. Seems like if you put a specific song then it is purposefully pulled or put way back in the rotation for that station. It would also be cool if you could build a playlist inside of pandora of tagged songs. I use to use the free app to find music to download. If I could do this I would only use pandora anytime I had wifi or good signal syrength.
Spotify for iPhone

Spotify for iPhone

free app
by By Spotify Ltd.
1461 Ratings
Spotify screenshot 1 Spotify screenshot 2 Spotify screenshot 3 Spotify screenshot 4 Spotify screenshot 5

Stream millions of tracks from thousands of albums and artists to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Take your existing Spotify playlists with you on the go – listen to them during your commute, in the gym or on a flight. With Offline mode you can listen even when no connection is available. Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone to merge your catalogue with ours, no cables required! Download and get started directly from your mobile.

Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
Create and sync playlists
Receive music from friends via the inbox
Star your favourite tracks
Scrobble tracks to Last.fm

Spotify Premium provides you with:
Access to over 13 million tracks from our catalogue
Offline playlists listen to music with no mobile connection and avoid using your data allowance

Spotify reviews

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Really. (by Randy Frederick)
You are clearly all idiots. This is an app for people who HAVE the service. It is LIMITED as of now. It is WELL WORTH the small monthly fee they are asking. This is an amazing music service. Deal with it and get over yourselves.
Amazing App- Other reviews don’t get it (by SSVII2)
People, the only way you can use this app if you pay for premium ($10 a month). You don’t need an invite if you are willing to pay for it.

Even if you get an invite, that is for the free desktop version which you can’t use on your phone.

I highly recommend paying for premium as this app changes the way you listen to music. Can’t live without it
TuneIn Radio for iPhone

TuneIn Radio for iPhone

free app
by By Synsion Radio Technologies
5314 Ratings
TuneIn Radio screenshot 1 TuneIn Radio screenshot 2 TuneIn Radio screenshot 3 TuneIn Radio screenshot 4 TuneIn Radio screenshot 5

Listen to over 50,000 radio stations including thousands of AM/FM local stations on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with TuneIn Radio!

If you enjoy TuneIn Radio, consider upgrading to TuneIn Radio Pro to record live radio stations and remove banner ads!

With TuneIn Radio, you get more than just a list of stations. You get a radio guide that helps you find the shows and stations that matter to you.

Plus, with TuneIn Radio, you can pause and rewind live radio just like your DVR.

Play all stations and podcasts in the background on multitasking capable devices
Control audio playback with the built-in music controls, Apple headphone controls and most dock controls
Stream audio to an AirPlay compatible receiver (requires iOS 4.2)
Extensive directory featuring 50,000+ radio stations and thousands of radio shows
Simple, quick, and easy-to-use interface
Browse or search for your favorite shows and find out what stations they’re currently available on
Browse local stations with GPS or Wi-Fi location
Search for stations by keyword
Browse stations by genre or location
Pause live streams for up to 30 minutes
Rewind and fast forward within last 30 minutes streamed
Listen to podcasts of radio shows when available
Save your favorite stations, songs, categories or shows to Presets
Search for stations playing your favorite song or artist
Browse recommended stations based on music library
Alarm clock
Sleep timer

Station not working? Let us know at tunein.com.

This software uses code of FFmpeg (ffmpeg.org) and LibMMS (launchpad.net/libmms) licensed under the LGPLv2.1 (www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html) and their source can be downloaded at tunein.com/mobile/ios.

TuneIn Radio reviews

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THANK YOU (by HonestAppRater)
This is the greatest radio app EVER! I love the new song presets feature.
Excellent variety of music! (by gilbert wilcox)