Ustream for iPhone

Ustream for iPhone

free app
by By Ustream.tv, Inc
5548 Ratings
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Ustream powers live interactive video that enables anyone to watch and interact with a global audience of unlimited size.

With the Ustream app, go live and follow your favorite broadcasters anytime, anywhere! The Ustream app now combines the best of broadcasting and viewing into one convenient app for devices running iOS 4.1 and newer:
-Broadcast and interact with your audience through chat and poll
-Discover the hottest Ustream content showcased in a Featured carousel
-Follow your favorite shows by joining Ustream Crowds and getting alerts for events
-Share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook when you broadcast and discover content
-Customize the menu with your most used features

Ustream reviews

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Birds-Eye for iPhone

Birds-Eye for iPhone

free app
by By ELC Ventures, LLC
19 Ratings

With Bird’s Eye you can see Twitter from new heights! Define a location that you want to monitor and see tweets stream in real time. See what’s going on around you, or anywhere else in the world right now with Bird’s Eye

Birds-Eye reviews

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Great use of twitters streaming API! (by Brandon Trebitowski)
Im really diggin the streaming of tweets to my device. I would like to see some inline photo support though.
I Like This (by davidreview)
It’s worth trying for sure if you use twitter. I like the option of switching locations and watching them fill with tweets. I don’t know if I just don’t know how it works but trying to respond to a tweet is not happening. I would hope we could tweet in this app since it is a twitter app.
Citibank for iPad for iPhone

Citibank for iPad for iPhone

free app
by By Citibank
95 Ratings

New Consumer Banking App For Citibank Customers With Checking/Savings Accounts
View and manage your Citibank accounts in a whole new way. Rich new displays and charts make it easier than ever to monitor your finances and track your cash flow. Learn how people spend their money, or read up on personal finance and money management. Plus, you can view your account balances and recent activity, make bill payments to your payees and transfer funds between your accounts wherever you are.

Citibank for iPad reviews

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Good start, keep going! (by Gabe G)
Good start to show how to use the tablet format in retail banking! Please add the payment functionality – if it’s there I could not find it. I expected all the relevant functionality accessible from my main screen, which is not like that. I’d also love to use a long enough PIN code instead of password, entered on a numeric only keypad. Congrats from your competitor to break the ice on banking with the iPad!
I love it! (by Alejandro-VA)
I’ve been a CITIBANK Customer for 15 years and this Bank App is Great!!
FlareGun! for iPhone

FlareGun! for iPhone

by By Carl Gresswell
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FlareGun speedily fires out your current whereabouts as a virtual Flare to any phone number or stored contact.

Friends, family or chosen recipients receive your Flare just like a normal text message, imprinted with a link to your exact location that can be viewed on any phone with either inbuilt Maps or a 3G internet connection.

Recipients dont need to have FlareGun installed, theres nothing to sign up to, the whole process only takes 20 seconds and theres no extra cost involved.

FlareGun! reviews

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Does Not Work With Verizon Phones (by VerizonUser24)
My Verizon iPhone is most up to date with version 4.2.10, but this app requires 4.3 or higher which I guess is the version AT&T is up to now.