So you say not to meat… Ok, you don’t know what you are loosing…

Just kidding :P. I think is great you have this kind of determination and probably by now you know everything about: how to be a vegan, going vegan, vegan foods, vegan recipes, vegan diet and of course vegan iPhone apps.

Yes, even if it’s not a big market yet for vegan applications you can still find some really nice/ cute apps that can help you achieve your vegan lifestyle.

My favorite one is the one that let’s you know where to buy vegan food.

Top iPhone Apps for Vegans

Veggie Passport for iPhone

Veggie Passport for iPhone

by By Lior Weinstein
Veggie Passport screenshot 1 Veggie Passport screenshot 2 Veggie Passport screenshot 3 Veggie Passport screenshot 4

With Veggie Passport you can forget the tongue-twisting experience of communicating your vegetarian or vegan needs to waiters, dinner hosts, and friends while you’re overseas. Express your veggie lifestyle in 33 languages!

How does it work?
1) Just choose the language you want to convey your message in: English, Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slowenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, or Veitnamese.

2) Chose the message you want to convey
We have put lots of thought into the sentence choices in Veggie Passport. We have covered many different scenarios which might arise due to a traveler’s specific veggie related dietary restrictions.

3) Show the translated screen to your waiter, dinner host, or anyone else who needs to understand
Our translations have been done by native language speakers who are professional translators by trade, so you can rest assured that Veggie Passport will communicate exactly what you mean to communicate.

Veggie Passport reviews

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New Update Erases All Phrases (by Toamey)
I am currently travelling and was frequently using this (previously) great app until I updated and it wiped out all phrases except for the incredibly vague and unhelpful: "I am vegetarian". I hope a future update restores the old phrases otherwise I’ll have to get rid of it because it’s useless. Do not spend the dollar to download it until they fix this problem!
BNB for iPhone

BNB for iPhone

by By Hot Frog
BNB screenshot 1 BNB screenshot 2 BNB screenshot 3 BNB screenshot 4 BNB screenshot 5

BNB (Be Nice to Bunnies!) is a searchable app for your iphone or ipod touch that helps you make an informed decision about cruelty-free purchasing anywhere, any time, at home or in-store. Compiled from a range of up to date public sources, and regularly updated, BNB allows you to search by company, category and product to find out if the items you buy (or the companies who manufacture them) test on animals.

BNB reviews

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Mat’l is free on website so why spend the $1.99 (by Jakamatsu)
The same material is available on several websites. And their formats are ok as well. So I was pretty disappointed to see this app offers nothing new. And the info never seems to have been updated. It should feature a "new" items area or "breaking news" on testing.
Stephanie pratt…seriously???! (by Hanslover)
I had previously reviewed as 5 stars, but I’m not a fan of the update. It erased all of the favorites that I had tabbed. It’s still a useful app, but who needs to see Stephanie pratt everytime they open bnb.
iLocate - Vegan Restaurants for iPhone

iLocate – Vegan Restaurants for iPhone

by By Brighthouse Labs
34 Ratings
iLocate - Vegan Restaurants screenshot 1 iLocate - Vegan Restaurants screenshot 2 iLocate - Vegan Restaurants screenshot 3 iLocate - Vegan Restaurants screenshot 4

iLocate is a comprehensive searchable database for all the Vegan restaurants wherever you are with contact info, directions, and so much more – all at the touch of a button.

There is nothing like finding a new Vegan restaurant just when you need it. Fortunately, with the new iLocate – Vegan Restaurants application you can find out where all the Vegan restaurants are, where ever you are!

Whether you are on Vacation or right in your own home, there’s always something new on iLocate – Vegan Restaurants. Get yours today!

Find all locations closest to you, where ever you are.
Easily scroll through locations with a smart one per line display.
One click contact info and directions.
View by list or by map for easy decision making.

iLocate – Vegan Restaurants reviews

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A little disappointed (by Kaycee33)
The app says find vegan restaurants but it lists a bunch of restaurants near me that may have a vegan item on their menu — at least, it should only include places that are primarily vegetarian or vegan, not sports bar that sell bar food w/ fries that are vegan. Hopefully I can dig through the long list and find some good vegan options.
Awesome (by MexiStrat0809)
Are you kidding me with the rate scores? This is a very cool little app. It won’t order for you and put the fork in your mouth, but it gets you in the door!

Very cool! If you’re vegan, you should own it… Period.
Food Additives 2 for iPhone

Food Additives 2 for iPhone

262 Ratings
Food Additives 2 screenshot 1 Food Additives 2 screenshot 2 Food Additives 2 screenshot 3 Food Additives 2 screenshot 4 Food Additives 2 screenshot 5

Avoid those additives that are potentially dangerous or unsafe to your health & see which ones are considered safe. This application is perfect for those at risk, the health conscious, parents, vegetarians, vegans and/or people on religious based diets.
from MacLife
Previous app store Staff Favorite (USA)
Take control of what you eat today.

Food additives may have revolutionized the mass production of the food that we consume, but at what cost to your health?
Not all food additives are bad for your health, but a large percentage have been associated with a whole range of potential health risks & side effects, that include:

Allergies & skin reactions,
Asthma & breathing difficulties,
Baby & infant related risks,
Digestive upsets,
Eye damage & effects,
Genetic DNA mutations,
Gluten intolerance (Celiac disease),
Histamine inhibitors / freeing,
Hyperactivity in children,
Migraines & headaches,
Tumors / carcinogens,
Salicylate sensitivity (aspirin etc),
Vitamin deficiency and/or effects.

Food Additives 2 reviews

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Great App (by Havinfaithdaily)
I use this all the time, amazed by what foods are allowed to contain. Would like more info regarding Gluten ingredients and how they are hidden.
VegOut - Vegetarian Restaurant Guide for iPhone

VegOut – Vegetarian Restaurant Guide for iPhone

by By Front-Ended
293 Ratings
VegOut - Vegetarian Restaurant Guide screenshot 1 VegOut - Vegetarian Restaurant Guide screenshot 2 VegOut - Vegetarian Restaurant Guide screenshot 3

Every vegetarian knows that eating out can be a difficult task. VegOut makes this task easier by providing you with the world’s largest international listing of vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants at you finger tips (powered by HappyCow.net). Restaurant listings can be found by your exact location or a custom location if you’re planning to travel.

VegOut is a must have for any vegetarian who travels or is just looking for a new place to eat!

VegOut – Vegetarian Restaurant Guide reviews

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Total search fail! (by Jahn Hardison)
Search is broken. I’m in Long Beach, CA. I searched for "Veggie Grill" and the results are 8 restaurants in PA!!!!, None of them have "veggie" or "grill" in their title. Searched for "vegan" returned 1 restaurant in West Virginia!!!! It did not have "vegan" in its name. Total fail!

12/28/10 Update: When trying to search the words "Current Location" stay in the search field. This should only be seen but not have to be deleted each time. I just realized YOU CAN’T SEARCH for restaurants BY NAME only by location. Could you imagine using Yelp or Google if you couldn’t search by name? This severely limits the usefulness of what can be a great app.
Don’t buy it!!! (by Aldale)
Is not worth the money. Don’t waste your time.
VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance for iPhone

VeganXpress – Menu & Shopping Assistance for iPhone

by By Brandon Berger
301 Ratings
VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance screenshot 1 VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance screenshot 2 VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance screenshot 3 VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance screenshot 4 VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance screenshot 5

VeganXpress is an on-the-run guide to whats vegan at popular chain restaurants & fast food places.
Vegans often find themselves looking for a place to eat with non-vegan friends, family or coworkers, and the search can be somewhat difficult. While the population of vegans is growing, most restaurants do not specify which menu items are vegan. This app lists over 110 very common restaurants and their menu items suitable for the vegan diet. Whether youre on a road trip, in a hurry, or looking for a place to eat with family or friends, you will be able to quickly find vegan options.

VeganXpress also includes a full list of vegan / vegetarian beers, wine, snacks & junk foods that you may not have realized were vegan.

VeganXpress is updated regularly, so feel free to contact me with updates or new info that you may have. Follow VeganXpress on Twitter for live updates and information.

UK and other international customers: Help us out by suggesting restaurants you would like to see listed in VeganXpress! Thank you!

Fully compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad running software version 3.0 and newer.

VeganXpress – Menu & Shopping Assistance reviews

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Wow (by AndySomar)
Great application for vegans!