Besides running, one of my favorite pastime activity is biking. I love taking my bike and just go around the city or even explore the areas around. It’s a very nice and easy way to know you bearings.

Combining my hobby with some useful data I started using apps for cycling. I use the biking apps to track my travels, see average speed, how many calories I burn and a lot more interesting info. I made a list with the apps for bike and you can see my favorite apps below.

I can’t say these are the best iphone bike apps but I can however say that I find them very useful that I love the way they use GPS for biking.

I would only which there would be as many android cycling apps as for iPhone so my Android friends can enjoy as well.

6 Cool Cycling Apps for iPhone

RunKeeper for iPhone

RunKeeper for iPhone

free app
by By FitnessKeeper, Inc.
4775 Ratings
RunKeeper screenshot 1 RunKeeper screenshot 2 RunKeeper screenshot 3 RunKeeper screenshot 4

RunKeeper uses the GPS technology found in the iPhone to track your fitness activity, giving you comparable results to an expensive GPS watch. Now, you can also enter your activities manually, including your treadmill runs too!

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the app makes it easy to track how far you went, how long it took, what your pace/speed was, how many calories you burned, and the path you traveled on a map.

Once your activity is completed, the data is synced to the RunKeeper website (www.runkeeper.com) where you can view a history of all of your activities, and cumulative totals of all of your vital stats. You can also share your progress with friends by posting your activities to Facebook and Twitter, and creating a profile page that allows people to view all of your public activities.

You can get insight in your ear while you are doing your activities on whether you are ahead/behind your target pace, or get coached through an interval workout.

You can also get in-app heart rate data during your activity (separate hardware required). Get more info at http://runkeeper.com/heart-rate-monitoring.


* Activity Tracking
No need for an expensive, standalone fitness tracking device when you can use your iPhone 3G or 3GS to do the same thing. Now you can track how far you went, how long it took you, and the route you traveled right from your iPhone

* Personal Dashboard
Store all historical activities on runkeeper.com, where you can keep track of totals and monitor your progress

* Maps integration
See the exact path you traveled on a map, both on the device and on our website

* Activity Sharing
Share your activities with friends via email, or by posting them to your favorite social sites, including Facebook and Twitter

* Music
You can listen to the iPod during your activity, and even change tracks without leaving the RunKeeper application

* iPod Integration
Choose one of your iPod playlists to start automatically the moment you begin your activity

* Audio Cues
Get time or distance-based updates through your headphones during your activity

* Interval Workouts
Create a workout built from intervals of time and/or distance, and let the audio cues coach you every step of the way

* Target Pace
Enter a target pace at the start of your activity and get coached on whether you are ahead/behind that pace through your headphones

* Geo-tagged Photos
Take photos without having to stop your activity. Photos are geo-tagged so when you view them on RunKeeper.com, they appear on the map right where you took them

* Splits
You can see your split times in the app as you do your activities

* Manual Activity Input
You can enter activities manually, including runs done on a treadmill or without your iPhone

Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

RunKeeper reviews

: (see more reviews)
Love this App (by DunwoodyGA)
I use this app everytime I walk or hike. I love that you can change your type of activity, that it tracks your time, distance, and maps your route
Best running app (by Clifford Cail)
I use this app for my runs and bikes. Works great and I love it.
MotionX GPS for iPhone

MotionX GPS for iPhone

by By MotionX
10914 Ratings
MotionX GPS screenshot 1 MotionX GPS screenshot 2 MotionX GPS screenshot 3 MotionX GPS screenshot 4 MotionX GPS screenshot 5

Great for cycling, hiking, jogging, sailing, flying, geocaching, and more! Get active with MotionX-GPS!
MotionX-GPS shows your position and track at all times on street maps, topo/terrain maps, satellite/hybrid maps, or marine charts. Record or follow your tracks and share with a single click your position, track, trip statistics (date, start time, elapsed time, distance traveled, average speed, etc.) and a picture taken along the way.
Free downloadable maps worldwide! Including MotionX Road and Terrain maps, and NOAA marine charts.
MotionX-GPS is the leading GPS solution for the iPhone, with over 5 million happy users. Exclusively designed and optimized for the iPhone.

“Tremendous!” -ComputerWorld
“The software you need!” -Navigadget
“Awesome, beats my Garmin” -The iPhone Blog

About.com 2011 Readers’ Choice Award Winner: Best Outdoor/Hiking App.

MotionX GPS reviews

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Solid app, distance a little off (by jj.diaz.ny2)
I use this every time I mountain bike, and it’s pretty accurate on distance with in a mile. It maps terrain great and seems to hold it’s signal in the deepest forest. Love that shows you map, distance, ascent, descent, avg speed, top speed, voice progress over trail and sharing with my fellow riders. Good app at an decent value!
Superior GPS app (by ch.crow)
Very impressive GPS system, using it at least 2X per week and every time it’s been great. Excellent tracking, very accurate. Exporting my tracks and saving to Trailrunner for Mac to help me with my training- the app makes it very easy.
Bicycle Gear Calculator  Bike Gears for iPhone
Bicycle Gear Calculator  Bike Gears screenshot 1 Bicycle Gear Calculator  Bike Gears screenshot 2 Bicycle Gear Calculator  Bike Gears screenshot 3 Bicycle Gear Calculator  Bike Gears screenshot 4 Bicycle Gear Calculator  Bike Gears screenshot 5

Summer Sale: 40% OFF to celebrate Bike Gears being featured in the App Store’s “Apps for Cycling” section.

Designed by a cyclist, for cyclists, Bike Gears is the premier Bicycle Gear Calculator for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Calculate Gear Ratios, Gear Inches, Development and Gain Ratios using your bike’s measurements. The app now has over 200 preset tire sizes and also lets you enter your own custom tire size for personalized measurements.

Building a new bike from scratch? Test out possible configurations and get it right the first time.

Find equivalent gearing configurations to reuse components you already have, or even to save weight by using smaller gears!

Want to convert your old hardtail into a single speed? No problem: take a ride on a geared bike to tweak your gear ratio, then calculate the equivalent ratio for your single-speed. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if they have different tire sizes!

Enjoy skidding on your fixie? Using the Skid Patch Analyzer, you can visualize your tire’s wear spots and choose optimal gearing to maximize your tire longevity!

No more what-ifs, no more guestimating, and most importantly, no more costly mistakes.

Bicycle Gear Calculator is a must-have for bike builders, bike mechanics, athletes, coaches, BMX riders, commuters and alleycat racers alike! But don’t take my word for it read the reviews and see what cyclists like you are saying.

Bicycle Gear Calculator Bike Gears reviews

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EveryTrail for iPhone

EveryTrail for iPhone

free app
by By GlobalMotion Media, Inc
1545 Ratings
EveryTrail screenshot 1 EveryTrail screenshot 2 EveryTrail screenshot 3 EveryTrail screenshot 4

TRACK, SHARE, EXPLORE… EveryTrail is the best way to share trips,
connect with other travelers and find great new things to do. Plot
your trip, photos and videos right on the map and upload it to
EveryTrail.com, Facebook and Twitter.

People are loving EveryTrail for iPhone. Get in on the Fun!
Unique and very fun to use – TechCrunch
Simple and extremely informative – Mashable
We’re addicted! – Fox TappedIn
Its small, free, and simple – ModernHiker

Create an interactive trip map while you walk, bike, run, hike, drive,
sail, ski or travel other ways. You can plot pictures and videos that
- Hide quoted text -
you take along the way directly onto the map you make. Add your own
colorful commentary for a complete travel story.

Share your adventures with friends by uploading directly from your
phone to Facebook, Twitter and EveryTrail.com, the leading online GPS
travel community. You can also update your own personal blog or
website with the map you make from EveryTrail.com.

Take along over 400,000 trips from other global travelers that will
inspire you on your next adventureand guide you along the way. You
can leave those heavy outdated guidebooks at home, because EveryTrail
route maps and travel tips will be right at your fingertips wherever
you go.

Track your route with your phones GPS capability – see your route
map drawn while you move
Use iOS 4′s multitasking capabilities to keep tracking while using
other apps (note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can
dramatically decrease battery life)
Listen to awesome audio guides that give you hands free info at key
POIs along the way
Plot pictures taken with your phones camera on your map instantly
OR easily add pics from another camera or photo website later
Add videos to your trip just like pictures (Pro Version only) and
upload them to YouTube from within the app
Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter and EveryTrail right from your phone
Download maps to use offline when data connection is spotty or to
avoid pricey roaming charges (Pro Version only)
View stats while tracking (distance, speed, elevation and more)
View full-screen trip maps, photos and travel logs on EveryTrail.com
Search over 400,000 trips from other world travelers
Find trips near your current location, by activity, length and more
Follow trips on interactive maps while traveling
Track a new trip while following another trip
Save trips (yours and others) on your phone

+ Download and manage maps for offline use
+ Record your own Geotagged Video to add to your trips
+ No Ads
+ Sync ALL your own trips between the app and EveryTrail.com
+ Sync ALL your favorite trips between the app and EveryTrail.com
+ More Pro features to come!

EveryTrail reviews

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Wishing I’d never updated! (by DogsInPartyHats)
I loved this app for tracking runs and hikes, but upon updating, all my drafts were deleted and now the gps function is absurdly wrong–it’s often tracking me as traveling in straight lines, magically, through the middle of lakes, though I assure you that I stayed very dry. I gave it a few tries, but now I’m just looking for another app.
Wish I didn’t update (by XV2)
Liked the app very much until the recent update. Now the app doesn’t even start.
iMapMyRIDE - Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling for iPhone
iMapMyRIDE - Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling screenshot 1 iMapMyRIDE - Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling screenshot 2 iMapMyRIDE - Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling screenshot 3 iMapMyRIDE - Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling screenshot 4

Just read the reviews

This is the ultimate GPS ride tracker and training app, but don’t take our word for it…


Go to www.mapmyride.com/tdf and sign up for the ultimate virtual cycling challenge and compete for over $150,000 USD in prizes. Post rides from this app and get your name on the leaderboard!

– About iMapMyRIDE –

Everything you need from beginner to Le Tour veteran.

Automatically sync with your free account on www.mapmyride.com.

The new iMapMyRide makes tracking your cycling workouts effortless and will keep you motivated to ride day after day.

iMapMyRide uses the built-in GPS technology of your iPhone to enable you to track your rides and gets you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. Step out your front door, get on your bike, start pedaling, and this app will effortlessly mark out your ride along an interactive map and record essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation.

Once you finish your ride, save your data and it automatically uploads to MapMyRide.com where you can view your route, ride data, and a comprehensive workout history.

The new iMapMyRide also gives you the ability to easily share your workout data with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance, pace, speed, elevation
An interactive map that lets you view your current location and exactly where you have traveled along your route
Synchronization with your online Training Log on MapMyRide.com
Manual entry of workout data directly from the app so you can easily record your indoor activities like gym workouts and indoor cycling classes
Twitter integration that enables you to tweet your ride data to friends and family

Now with Ant support:
- Monitor your heart rate during workouts and track results over time
- Power, Stride, Cadence and other Ant sensor types coming soon!
- Requires use of Wahoo Fisica Ant dongle (can be purchased within app)
- Works great with powertap wheels and other bicycle power sensors from companies like CycleOps

If you like the extra features provided by iMapMyRide , please give us a good review in the app store!

And if not, , let us know at http://www.mapmyride.com/contact_us and give us a chance to fix it before you write a review.

We our community!

iMapMyRIDE – Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling reviews

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Perfect app for my needs! (by PO Cookie)
I wanted something to keep track of my time and distance. This is perfect!
Seems great to me (by Isaacs777)
Good motivation to bike
Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking for iPhone

Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking for iPhone

by By Abvio LLC
2104 Ratings
Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking screenshot 1 Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking screenshot 2 Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking screenshot 3 Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking screenshot 4 Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking screenshot 5

Cyclemeter turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS stopwatch, giving you feedback and motivation to go farther, be healthier, and live longer. Supports iOS 4 and multitasking! Named Best of Show at Macworld 2010 by Beatweek. Featured by Apple in What’s Hot in the App Store. For a product tour, see www.cyclemeter.com.

Note: Does not support iPod touch or first-generation iPhone, which lack GPS capabilities.

Cyclemeter is an iPhone-centric solution for tracking your workouts on your iPhone. It can be used for cycling, running, walking, skiing, skating, and more.

Cyclemeter continually records your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed – years of workouts only take up the space of a few songs. Stop and start recording on-screen or with your earphone remote.

See your results on maps, graphs, and a calendar, and organized by routes and activities. Summarize your statistics by day, week, month, year, and overall.

Monitor your progress with up to 25 configurable announcements including distance, time, speed, elevation, and more. Announcements may be heard automatically at time or distance intervals, or on-demand with your earphone remote. High quality voices may be downloaded through In App Purchase for hearing replies from Twitter, Facebook, and dailymile.

Compete against your previous workouts along a route, or import and compete against other people’s workouts. See your virtual competition on a map and in graphs. Hear announcements of how far you are ahead of or behind your competition.

Use Facebook, Twitter, dailymile, and email to share Google Maps of your workouts, automatically updated every few minutes. Have emails automatically sent to keep family and friends notified of your location and progress. During your workout, hear replies from family, coaches, and friends spoken using text-to-speech technology. (Requires In App Purchase.)

IMPORT/EXPORT (Requires iOS 4.0 or later)
Import a route or virtual competitor by simply clicking on a GPX or KML link or file in Mail or Safari. Export complete summaries of your workouts, or detailed CSV, GPX, or KML files for use in maps, graphs, or social fitness sites.

Cyclemeter, Runmeter, and Walkmeter and are built from the same core foundation, but come preconfigured for cycling, running, or walking, respectively. Each supports all features and activities.

Cyclemeter gives you the data that helps you achieve your goals, whether it’s to cycle a park or a century, run a mile or a marathon, or walk a block or a march.

Automatic stop detection removes stopped time from your statistics.
Remote control using your earphone remote keeps you from fumbling with your iPhone at the start and finish.
All of your workouts may be viewed by route or on a calendar, and summarized by day, week, month, year, and overall.
Import allows you to preload routes, or import other people’s workouts to compete against.
Export allows you to save detail and summary information in CSV, GPX, and KML formats.
Ghost racing lets you compete against your best, median, and worst workouts, or against imported competitors.
Twitter, Facebook, dailymile, and email updates enable your friends to view your progress.
Google Maps are updated every few minutes to keep your friends and family informed of your location.
Spoken comments from your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and dailymile encourage you during workouts. (Requires In App Purchase.)
With 5 major updates in the past year, we’re working continuously to improve the application.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking reviews

: (see more reviews)
Great APP (by CC Scot)
I have tried at least six different cyclometer apps and this one is the best.
Best tool to track performance (by Masi rider)
I’ve tried lots of the iPhone tools available to track cycling performance and this one is by far the best one.
My biking app from all of the above is RunKeeper because I can do much more than just biking.