Here are 5 iPad games that every iPad owner should download and install. These are free iPad games so the only thing you need to do is get them and start playing.

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5 Must have free games for iPad

Rush Hour for iPhone

Rush Hour for iPhone

by By ThinkFun, Inc.
664 Ratings
Rush Hour screenshot 1 Rush Hour screenshot 2 Rush Hour screenshot 3 Rush Hour screenshot 4 Rush Hour screenshot 5

This is the original sliding block Traffic Jam puzzle, brought to you by the company who created it ThinkFun.

This Rush Hour game comes with a whopping 2500 challenges, ranging from Beginner to high Expert. It’s a brilliant range of challenges, if we do say so ourselves you’re going to have a lot of fun on your iPhone with Rush Hour!

This is the ORIGINAL Rush Hour and its also the BEST. GAME FEATURES:

- 2500 Games, 625 at each difficulty level
- Four difficulty levels EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, EXPERT
- Measures your score against your Personal Best and Perfect Score
- Save multiple games in progress
- Hint/Reset/Undo buttons to help you figure out each puzzle
- Solve button to see how its done
- Quick and easy Tutorial
- Keeps history of “Solved” and “Perfectly Solved” challenges/p>

Rush Hour reviews

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Awesome! (by AKay103)
I love this app! Totally addicted!
Crashes consistently (by Nathaniel Thomas)
This game is fun and all but I have to open the app twice every single time I want to play. The first time I open it it crashes within 5 seconds and the second time it opens fine every time but asks me to log into that stupid leader board thing. Please fix the crashing and make the leader board an option that can be turned off.
Shanghai Mahjong Lite for iPhone

Shanghai Mahjong Lite for iPhone

free app
by By MobileAge
300 Ratings
Shanghai Mahjong Lite screenshot 1 Shanghai Mahjong Lite screenshot 2 Shanghai Mahjong Lite screenshot 3 Shanghai Mahjong Lite screenshot 4 Shanghai Mahjong Lite screenshot 5

Shanghai Mahjong, one of the most popular games of all time, returns in this definitive edition. Whether you play it on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Shanghai looks stunning. Shanghai also fully supports the iPhone 4 Retina display

Pair tiles to dismantle intricate structures or try to predict the ever-changing matches in the unique Windstorm mode.

Shanghai’s compelling animation, sound and one-tap access to an extensive online collection of high resolution artwork ensures the game will always stay fresh.

Shanghai Mahjong Lite reviews

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Air Hockey Gold for iPhone

Air Hockey Gold for iPhone

free app
by By Acceleroto
77 Ratings
Air Hockey Gold screenshot 1 Air Hockey Gold screenshot 2 Air Hockey Gold screenshot 3 Air Hockey Gold screenshot 4 Air Hockey Gold screenshot 5

With the option for 1 or 2 pucks, this 1 and 2-player air hockey favorite is a blast for young & old alike! This is the only air hockey that lets you play with 2 pucks at once!

If you’re alone, play a computer opponent ranging from Kiddie to INSANE! Get a friend and grab your mallets to see who dominates the table in 2-player mode. Try off the wall banks & combos to spoil your opponent’s defenses and be the first to score 7 points – just like in real air hockey!

You’ll play with easy to control mallets that aren’t too big or small and a puck that rockets across the table. The goals are sized to perfectly balance rapid game play and the challenge of the game. Advanced physics and air hockey sounds make the game act and sound like you’re playing on a real table!

Air Hockey by Acceleroto. Hit it!

Air Hockey Gold reviews

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Strong (by Mohyee)
Strong game there should be more tables and colors
Zafrir (by )
Very good
10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite for iPhone

10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite for iPhone

free app
by By Digital Smoke LLC
68 Ratings
10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite screenshot 1 10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite screenshot 2 10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite screenshot 3 10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite screenshot 4 10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite screenshot 5

10 Pin Poker is a combination of 10 Pin Bowling, Shuffleboard and Five Card Draw Poker and the rules are simple:

* 10 bowling pins are arranged at the end of a bar-room shuffleboard table.
* Each player shoots two shuffleboard weights at the pins, just like bowling.
* If the player scores a Spare they are dealt one playing card. Strikes are rewarded with two cards.
* Players who already have five cards may exchange cards with the deck if they score further Spares or Strikes.
* After ten frames, the player with the best five card poker hand wins.


* Amazing 3D graphics with shiny chrome weights, shadows and reflections.
* Hi-resolution graphics on iPhone 4 and iPad.
* Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
* Real 3D physics engine delivers accurate weight and pin physics.
* Animation rewards and special effects.
* Instant replays of great shots.
* Play against computer opponents of varying skill levels or practice on your own.

10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite reviews

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Newton's Cradle: Physics++ for iPhone

Newton’s Cradle: Physics++ for iPhone

free app
by By IAM Web Services
220 Ratings
Newton's Cradle: Physics++ screenshot 1 Newton's Cradle: Physics++ screenshot 2 Newton's Cradle: Physics++ screenshot 3 Newton's Cradle: Physics++ screenshot 4 Newton's Cradle: Physics++ screenshot 5

Newtons Cradle puts physics in your hands. Using a real physics engine built on kinematics and momentum equations, Newtons Cradle: Physics++ delivers a superior physics simulation.

Basic features include:
-3D Manipulation. View the Cradle from any angle.
-Pinch and Zoom. Get as close or as far as you like.
-Dynamic Lighting. Set the lighting as high or as low as you want.
-Artificial Gravity. Toggle use of accelerometers for gravity.
-Collision Elasticity. Adjust elasticity for a ridiculous bounce or a pathetic splat.

Newton’s Cradle: Physics++ reviews

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